How to Drop Subtle Hints You Want a DipWell Kit

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and like all other major holidays, this one will sneak up on us before we even know it. If "receiving gifts" is your primary love language and you've been eyeing that shiny blue DipWell Kit for quite some time now, then we've got you covered! 

Lucky for you, we’ve come up with some subtle (perhaps not so subtle) ways to drop a hint (or five) that you want a DipWell Kit during this season of love.

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Subtle Hint #1: Compliment Every Mani You See When You’re Together

The person checking out your items at the grocery store. The manis you see on tv. The person you walk past during your morning dog walks. We mean it -  compliment Every. Single. Mani.

Best case scenario, your significant other gets the hint and orders you a DipWell Kit. Worst case scenario, your significant other will get so annoyed hearing you compliment other people’s manis that they get you a kit anyway, just so you’ll stop. It’s a win-win situation...for you, at least.


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Subtle Hint #2: Sign Them Up to Our Email List So They Get “Original” Gift Ideas Straight To Their Inbox

Nothing makes someone feel like they’re a great gift-giver than knowing they came up with an “original” gift idea all on their own - even if it isn’t actually the case. Sometimes our partners need a little extra help when it comes to gift-giving, and you can give them that little push by signing them up to our email newsletter. We highly suggest doing so ASAP or sometime before the weekend because we might just have a sale they won’t want to miss (and just in time for Valentine’s Day!).

For your convenience, simply pop in their email to subscribe them to our newsletter here. 👇😉


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Subtle Hint #3: Leave a “Subtle” Comment on Our IG Posts & Be Sure to Tag Your Significant Other

Not sure what kind of subtle (not-so-subtle) comments you can leave? Well we’ve got some ideas to help you out. You can start off with a simple “Isn’t this shade pretty?” If that doesn’t work, you can be a bit more direct and say something along the lines of “Would this shade look good on me?” If they say yes, then your response could be about how much you want it, and if they say no well...YIKES! Looks like they’ll have to apologize and make it up to you with a DipWell Kit. We don’t make the rules, we just enforce them. 🤷 Lastly, for those of you trying to get something a little more with your DipWell Kit, we’ve got the following winner - “Wouldn’t this shade look great with an engagement ring?”


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Subtle Hint #4: Mention DipWell Around Their Alexa, Google Home, or Siri

Let’s be real, we’ve all had a kind-of-creepy, kind-of-amazing experience with the holy trinity of technology. We casually mention in passing an event or product, and all of a sudden, we start seeing ads about said event or product all over the world wide web. It’s time to take back your agency and use technology to your own advantage. Casually mention DipWell around your significant other’s devices and let Mr. FBI man take care of the rest. Soon enough, your significant other will suddenly be “stumbling” upon ads for DipWell products.


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Subtle Hint #5: Create an Event on their Google Calendar with a Reminder Notification to Buy You a DipWell Kit

Okay so it’s getting down to the Valentine’s Day wire and it doesn’t look like your partner has picked up on any of the “very” subtle hints you’ve been dropping. If an eye-roll has ever been warranted, it’s probably now, amiright? So it’s time to go ALL IN, and bring 👏it 👏 home 👏 By it, we mean a DipWell Kit. Pretend your phone is dead and ask your significant other to let you use their phone or laptop because you have a very important email that needs to be sent out. While on their device, quickly go into their Google Calendar and create a high-priority event beginning at 12AM January 31st, 2020 and ending at 11:59PM on February 3rd, 2020 labeled “Buy (your name here) a DipWell Kit for V-Day”. Oh, and be sure to set an event reminder notification, just so you know it's in the bag. 😉


Why these specific days, you might ask? You guessed it... we're having a Valentine's Day sale! For four days only, we're offering 20% off everything (excluding BYOB Kits). Now is your chance to either receive or give the gift of a mani as strong as your love.


Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee that these tips are fool-proof, however, persistence is always 🔑.


If one subtle hint doesn't work, then maybe you should attack on the multiple fronts and implement them all. 😜