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Dipping Nail Liquid Kit
Dipping Nail Liquid Kit
Dipping Nail Liquid Kit
Dipping Nail Liquid Kit
Dipping Nail Liquid Kit
Dipping Nail Liquid Kit

Dipping Nail Liquid Kit


D KIT 004

Dip nails complete polish kit of all the liquids required for dipping nails with bond, base, activator, sealer, and brush cleaner. Dipping fun all in one!


  • Powders may be used up to 30 sets
  • DipWell nails last 3-6 weeks without chipping
  • Better alternative to traditional acrylic systems
  • Easy soak-off removal in just 15 minutes
  • Adds length, protection & shine
  • No UV/LED lamp required
  • Low odor

Set Includes: 

Bond: The first step of our dipping system prevents lifting and serves as the foundation to long-lasting wear. While Bonder sanitizes the nails' surface to remove surface oil, it also prepares layers of powder to adhere and stay fully intact.

Base: The second step of DipWell's acrylic nail dipping system self-levels to prepare nails for smooth powder application. This basecoat nail polish formula contains adhesive properties to secure acrylic nail dip powder to the nail bed, wherever applied. Prevents unwanted bumps and blemishes for minimal buffing.

Activator: Activator is the third step in our dipping system. It reacts to Base and cures all layers of powder without the use of a UV/LED lamp. As Activator chemically bonds to Base and dipping powder, each layer hardens and delivers easy workability for buffing.

Sealer: Sealer is the finishing touch to our dipping system. It secures everything together, delivers glass-like shine, and protects nails from the sun's harmful UV rays. This topcoat is also perfect for nail art.

Brush Softener: Brush Softener cleans and dissolves unwanted residue that harden bristles during application. As brushes harden, simply switch them between bottles for easy workability.

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