A Year In Nails

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From New Year’s gold glitter to Easter pastels, from summer’s hot pink, to autumnal burgundy… you can do a lot with your nails in a year.

And, like all things in life, keeping your nails in tip-top shape has a price tag.

But have you stopped to add up what you’re really spending on your nails? Chances are, it’s a lot more than you think.

There’s good news though: you have options for keeping your nails #onfleek, while saving up to a thousand dollars a year. Yes, you read that correctly - you could end the year with an extra thousand bucks in your bank account.

First, though, you’ve got to know what you’re currently spending. Start by writing down what you actually spend at the salon (don’t forget to include tip), and then multiply based on how often you get your nails done.

Or, if you always pay via credit card, pull up those statements and use an old-fashioned highlighter to find all the nail-related expenses. Eek! Be prepared for a shock.

If you’re visiting a mid-tier salon and getting an acrylic dip mani for $55 (plus a $10 tip) every three weeks, you’re spending $1,105 per year.

That’s a lot of cash. And it’s only part of your beauty regime - on top of what you spend on hair, makeup, and more.

Whether you’re on the Dave Ramsey plan, or just trying to balance living your best life, while also not reaching retirement age with student loans still hanging over your head, it’s good practice to evaluate ways to cut some costs.

You’ve got a few options: of course you could skip a mani or 10 and go au naturale with your nails. Or you can shop nail polish at your drugstore if you want a quick pop of color and aren’t concerned about it lasting.

But there’s another way you can save cash, while still having salon-gorgeous nails.

If you buy a DipWell kit, the cost of each mani is - get this - less. than. $3.00. Yes, you read that right, it’s about half the price of an oat milk latte. That’s because with one DipWell kit, you get up to 30 manis for only the initial cost of the kit - around $70.

And let’s talk colors for a sec. Each signature DipWell kit comes with six different color powders. So you can mix and match your signature go-to colors, a couple special occasion shades, and then add in a glitter or neon for days that need an extra pop of brightness.

With even drugstore nail polishes edging up toward $10, and salon brands hovering around $12 each, that means your kit costs the equivalent of six bottles of nail polish. Except of course that with a dip mani you’re getting chip free nails that are durable and can last up to six weeks - a lifesaver when your schedule includes early mornings at the office, late nights out, or long afternoons chasing toddlers - who has time to sit still waiting for polish to set in 2019?!

So the difference between a year of salon manis ($1,105) and DipWell manis ($70) = $1,035. If you’re anything like me, you can imagine quite a few uses for that extra money… and who knows...you might choose to use some of it to splurge and get an afternoon of pampering at your local nail salon. Because sometimes you just want gorgeous nails without lifting a finger.

But for every other time, there’s DipWell.

Your saved $1,035 could go toward…

  • A VIP ticket to next year's Coachella
  • A monthly massage
  • 8 new pairs of Rothy’s flats
  • 21 tubes of Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask
  • 45 bottles of Aperol to mix into enough spritzes to serve a crowd
  • 172 oat milk lattes

If you’ve already spent that cash in your mind, then it’s time to high-tail it over to our shop and order your DipWell kit today. Oh, and shipping is free!

Time to grab a latte and start scrolling shoes online. Or um, talk to your HR dept. about upping your 401k contribution. Whether you save or spend, your nails are gonna look fabulous.

Written by Anna Bradshaw