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  • How to Apply Faux Nail Tips

    Wish your nails were just a little longer? Or used to getting super-long acrylics at the salon, and not sure how to replicate your favorite look at home? We’ve got all the info you need to transform your nails...

  • How-To-Apply Color Dipping

    Does your nail polish ever chip when you're doing absolutely nothing? Yeah, same. Welp we're here to show you how to achieve super gorgeous, super long-lasting nails with DipWell.

  • How-To *safely* Remove Dipping

    So you've lasted 3-4 weeks with perfect dip powder nails and want a change of color. Sure, we got you! Check out our easy steps on how to remove DipWell nails, the super-safe way.

  • How-To-Apply French Dipping

    Ever wonder how to make an acrylic french manicure with dipping powder only? Well, check it out 'cause we got you covered. Learn how to apply pink & white dip powder.