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How-To-Dip, Techniques, Tutorials, & Tips

  • How to Apply Faux Nail Tips

    How to Apply Faux Nail Tips

    Wish your nails were just a little longer? Or used to getting super-long acrylics at the salon, and not sure how to replicate your favorite look at home? We’ve got all the info you need to transform your nails with fake or artificial tips, right at home.

  • How-To-Apply Color Dipping

    How to Apply Color Dip Powder | DipWell Nails

    Does your nail polish ever chip when you're doing absolutely nothing? Yeah, same. Welp we're here to show you how to achieve super gorgeous, super long-lasting nails with DipWell.

  • How-To *safely* Remove Dipping

    How-To *safely* Remove Dipping

    So you've lasted 3-4 weeks with perfect dip powder nails and want a change of color. Sure, we got you! Check out our easy steps on how to remove DipWell nails, the super-safe way.

  • How-To-Apply French Dipping

    French Dip Nails
    Ever wonder how to make an acrylic french manicure with dipping powder only? Well, check it out 'cause we got you covered. Learn how to apply pink & white dip powder.