How to Use Cuticle Serum to Prep Your Nails

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Help your mani last longer and prevent lifting with proper cuticle prep. Our new cuticle softener makes cuticle removal a cinch. We’ll walk you through exactly how to use Cuticle Serum when you’re prepping your nails for a dip mani. This routine is also perfect when you want to show off beautiful bare nails!
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Step 1
  • Apply a U-shaped bead of Cuticle Serum along all the cuticle lines and allow them to soften for 1 minute.
Step 2
  • Use the Jelly Pusher or cuticle stick to gently push the cuticles back. Then wipe the Cuticle Serum away.
Step 3
  • Optional Step: Using the trimmer side of the Jelly Pusher, carefully trim any overgrown cuticles.
Step 4
  • To prep for a dip mani, gently buff along the cuticle line, then very lightly file across the rest of the nail. Wipe nails clean or rinse hands well with water to remove product and filing debris.
  • Your nails are now ready for your next mani!