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  • Spring-Inspired Dip Mani Colors

    3 min read

    Spring-Inspired Dip Mani Colors

    Freshen up your look this spring and try out some new colors.

    As the days start getting longer and the sundresses and tank tops start resurfacing after a winter of being packed away, it’s the perfect time to try something new on your nails. 

    Whether you’re looking for something bold or something neutral, we’ve got you covered with our top nail colors for Spring 2020.

    And if you’re new to dip powder manis, then definitely check out our tutorials and starter kits

    Celebrate the Color of the Year with Classic Blue Nails

    The blue nails that were rebelliously cool in the 90’s are back in a big way, and what better shade to wear than one that echoes Pantone’s official Color of the Year.

    CL-4 is a bright, clear, and confident cobalt. It sends a message of confidence, and it’s having a real moment in 2020.

    CL-4 Blue Dip Powder | DipWell

    Wear it alone for a blue statement look, or turn it into a Mondrian-inspired multicolor mani by adding these powders to your look:

    CL-51 is a strong, bold red. Nothing says power mani like a classic red! 

     CL-51 True Red Dip Powder | DipWell

    CL-66 Brightens every look - it’s a primary yellow. We’re big on yellow right now, and this one is great for adding contrast in a multicolor mani.

    CL-66 Bold Yellow Acrylic Dip Powder | DipWell

    NA-01 is a bright, shimmery white. It’s a classic you’ll find yourself turning to again and again for different looks, and it’s our fave accent nail in this primary palette. 

    NA-01 White Dip Powder | DipWell

    Pearlized Manicure Photo | DipWell

    Pearlized Nails

    You can’t go wrong with a neutral mani, and pearlized shades are all the rage this year. And having a selection of pearlized powders in your kit will provide a feminine option you can turn to over and over again - just a string of pearls is a timeless piece of jewelry, pearlized nails are a timeless mani style.

    Choose from one of these for a long-wearing mani that’ll go with every outfit and every event on your agenda from a job interview to a ballet recital and from a baby shower to a bake sale.

    PA09 is a whisper-soft sheer pink with a pearlized sheen. It’s a neutral go-to that feels like an elevated clear polish mani - appropriate for any age and absolutely any occasion. 

    PA-09 Pale Pink Glitter Dip Powder | DipWell

    PA10 is a blush pink pearl shade with just a hint of glitter. It’s an ultra feminine shade that’s fit for royalty.

    PA-10 Pink Glitter Powder | DipWell

    NA12 is a peachy champagne pearl shade. It’s a warm glowy color that’s the color of late afternoon light at a beach. 

    NA-12 Champagne Glitter Powder | DipWell

    GL11 is a sheer white pearlized powder that’s one of our most popular shades due to its versatility. This shade is a perfect way to wear a trendy white mani in a gentler way than a fully opaque white color.

    GL-11 White Glitter Powder | DipWell


    Warm Neutral Brown Nails 2020 | DipWell

    Warm Browns 

    Sometimes we think of brown as a Fall color, but it’s trending in warmer weather this year, and we’ve got two top shades that’ll go perfectly with your pastels while still grounding your look with sophistication.

    NA18 is a rich shade the color of a delicious hot mocha, and it’s a little outside the box of the typical year-round neutrals we’ve seen the last few years.

    NA-18 Mocha Dip Powder | DipWell

    NA19 is a warm tawny caramel shade that’s ready for sunny spring days. It plays well with other neutrals and has a distinctly modern vibe.

    NA-19 Caramel Dip Powder | DipWell

    Daisy Nail Art with DipWell CL66 | DipWell

    Daisy nails

    Yellow nails are a thing this season and we’re loving this cheerful trend.

    PA11 is a bright, pastel shade that’s got the slightest hint of glitter. It’ll bring a smile to your face whenever you catch a glimpse of your nails.

    PA-11 Pale Yellow Dip Powder | DipWell

    NE5 is a light neon yellow that packs a citrusy punch. It’s the perfect look for longer, hotter days. Whether you’re coordinating with a summery sundress, or looking for a way to brighten up a gray office, this shade’ll lighten things up in no time.

    NE-05 Neon Yellow Dip Powder | DipWell

    NE10 is a deep neon sunflower shade that adds a glowy depth to your nails. It can be worn as a bright contrast to minimal denim and t-shirt looks, or it can bring a retro vibe to vintage florals. 

    NE-10 Neon Sunflower Dip Powder | DipWell

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    How to wear yellow nails in 2020 | DipWell

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