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  • How long do dip powder nails last?

    It's all about the prep work and varies from person to person. Carefully preparing your natural nails before even jumping into your dip application will create a clean canvas for dip products to adhere to.

    When prepped thoroughly, dip powder manicures can last two or more weeks without chipping, lifting, and breaking. To learn more dip tips and tricks, check out our blogs and tutorials!

  • How do you remove dip powder nails?

    Dip powder nails can be easily removed in about 10-15 minutes! You can do so in the comfort of your home and you probably already have all the tools needed.

    Simply file off the shine from your dip powder nails and soak them in acetone. Check out our detailed tutorial here to see our Dipper Community's favorite way to remove dip powder nails!

  • Can I use dip powder on natural nails?

    You certainly can! Dip powder can be used on natural nails and with faux nail extensions.

    If you're sporting shorties and looking to grow your nails naturally, take it from our customers who swear dip powder helps them achieve the length they desire.


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