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DipWell's BYOB Kit includes all the dip liquids and dip powders necessary to complete a dip powder manicure.

Pick three or six powders of your choice to complete your BYOB Kit.

This kit contains a full set of Bond, Base, Activator, Sealer, and Brush Softener as well as a nail prepping kit including a 200/280 grit foam buffer, 100/180 grit nail file, and a double-sided wooden cuticle pusher.

All kits come packaged in a cute little branded DipWell box with an easy breezy instructions guide.

Base & Finish, Dip Nail Powder

Clear acrylic powder to be applied as a base & top layer. For best results, add to bundle and use with color dip powder to prevent lifting, and protect color vibrancy and transfer.


New Colors!

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