5 Things To Know About Brush Softener

3 min read

That moment when your dip manicure goes from perfect to “oops!” because your clear coat brushes are stained with gloopy pigment.... Ugh we all know the feeling.

Dip powder manicures use professional-level formulations with powerful gripping properties...which is great for your nails, but occasionally means your brushes need a little TLC.

Thankfully, our DipWell Kits come equipped with a bottle of Brush Softener to make it easy to get your brushes back and ready for swiping on gorgeous color again.

1. Let dirty brushes soak for a minimum of 10 minutes

And by dirty I mean either any brush that’s become hard, or any brush that’s color stained. We gotta have beautiful soft clean brushes for our gorgeous manis!

Usually brushes get gunked up when either your Base coat (step 2) or Sealer (Step 4) come into contact with your Bond (step 1) or Activator (Step 3). Eek!

Color staining usually happens because excess color powder isn’t removed before applying Activator (Step 3).

So here’s your reminder that you can prevent this with a ‘lil extra caution and making sure you have a big soft brush handy for dusting off excess powder before starting your next layer.

Ok. So now you know your brush needs the softener, stick it in the bottle (yes, just like the lid-brush it comes with) and let it soak for at least 10 minutes - the longer you soak it, the more effect it has. Makes sense, right?

2. Wipe off excess product during brush switches

Make sure to use a lint free wipe to clean any brush:

- Before putting a dirty brush into the Brush Softener

- When taking any brush out of the Brush Softener

Remembering this step will help keep your brushes (and liquid solutions!) in good operating condition. It’ll prevent sad side effects like a foggy finish on your nails, or your activator not working as well.

3. You can swap out and use the brush that comes with the Brush Softener

If you’re feeling bummed about having to wait for your dirty brush to get clean in the Brush Softener, you can actually use the brush that arrives in the softener bottle and proceed with your mani!

Just remember to use a lint-free wipe to remove excess product before placing brush into bottle. If you forget this step, you’ll likely get a foggy finish on your nails.

4. Be gentle with your brushes

Although it’s tempting to try to pull goop out of the bristles - don’t do it! Tugging on the bristles could make them separate at the stem. Instead, gently wipe or dab the bristles on a lint free cloth.

Don’t use nail polish remover or other cleaning solvents on your brushes - they can be too harsh on the bristles and cause them to fall out over time.

5. Clean the bottles to prevent build-up

Whenever you take the top off wipe down the rim and neck of the bottles with acetone to prevent build-up. This will also help prevent the product from transferring to your other bottles and diluting the other solutions. Another note: be careful not to get acetone inside the bottles!

Once you know these five aspects of brush softener, you’ll be on your way back toward creating perfect dip nail powder manicures.

And if you have additional questions, feel free to send us an email! Our Customer Happiness team is always happy to help you succeed! ✨