5 Essential Benefits Of Base & Finish Powder

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🎶 We're all about that base... 'bout that base...and finish powder...

Excuse us for channeling our inner Meghan Trainor. This week's article got us all singing in excitement because it's about one helluva product. So much so that it deserves its own spotlight.

It's the bestselling DipWell Base & Finish Powder—a clear acrylic powder that you can use as the first layer before you dip your nails into color powder and/or as a final layer after your color dip.

If you're among the dippers who have yet to discover the benefits of this essential acrylic powder, you're in for a treat.

Here are the reasons why you should seriously consider including the Base & Finish Powder as a must-not-skip step on your next dip manicure session.

1. With the Base & Finish powder, your dip nail colors will hold better

Applying it as an initial layer will help adhere the dip better to your nails... And using it as a final dip layer will protect and seal all of your dip layer.

Ivonne Olvera, DipWell's Dipper Club member

Bonus point: It also provides you with a nice surface, so that the first layer of color goes on smoothly.

And here's the dealio:

Although the Base & Finish powder can be used as both the first and final dip powder layer as the name suggests, you can actually skip using it as the base layer if you're having trouble managing bumpy/thick nails.

But don't forgo using it as the finishing layer to help cap and seal all powders in place.

The result? Dip powder nails that are long lasting.

2. It will also help prevent chipping or lifting

When I ordered my kit I didn’t realize I needed the base/ finish... Finally I ordered it and my last dip lasted 3 weeks!! I love this company and product.

Jen Wheeler, DipWell's Dipper Club member

Yup, DipWell nails last 2 weeks. In many cases, it even lasts up to 6 weeks.

The Base & Finish powder, when applied as the first layer of dip and the last layer of dip, adds a strong foundation that serves as protection against chipping and lifting.

And whether you have naturally long nails or you simply want to use faux nail tips, applying this clear acrylic powder makes your dip nails sturdier, preventing any breakage.

If you're trying to break your nail biting habit, this is perfect for you, too.

3. The Base & Finish powder protects dip color clarity and vibrancy

I am so glad I purchased the base/finish powder because it really helps maintain my color after using my e-file!

Bee Stefani, DipWell's Dipper Club member

Take it from Bee—the Base & Finish powder sure makes a huge difference in your dip manicure.

It can change the look of your dip nails, but it has a more notable effect of making dip colors appear more vibrant. Dippers use this clear acrylic powder under certain colors to get them to really pop. It works particularly well with neon dip colors, too.

4. It's perfect for encapsulating dip nail art

For me, I use a glitter in almost every mani and the base and finish will protect the glitter when filing! Also if you plan to use any decals/flowers/etc.

Ariane Song, DipWell's Dipper Club member

If you're planning a dip manicure with a shimmer or glitter look, the Base & Finish powder is a must.

It'll help smooth out the glitters and protect them from damage when filing. It makes them look real good, too.

If you're planning a dip manicure with intricate details or nail art, this clear acrylic powder is also a must.

Just like with the glitter mani, it helps protect the nail art from getting buffed away.

(Note: If at some point you've accidentally filed off some of your regular dip powder colors, this one's for you, too.)

That's not all...

If you're using nail art that's not stickers—like the pieces of heart glitter in this tutorial—the only thing holding them to your nails is the Base & Finish powder.

For acrylic nail designs like the Terrazzo, it helps even out otherwise "bumpy" or textured nail art.

Finally, the Base & Finish powder can also give nail art pieces a "floating" look.

5. The Base & Finish powder prevents dip powder pigments from staining natural nails

The clear base and finish is what protects your nails from being stained by the colors and it’s what enables you to file and shape without chipping away or thinning the colors.

Lindsay Adams, DipWell's Dipper Club member

Strong, highly pigmented dip nail colors could potentially stain your nails, and the clear acrylic powder helps protect your nails against it.

Base & Finish powder is super fine, it fills in all the cracks and blemishes on your nails before applying dip powder colors. Other dippers have also reported spending much less time buffing compared to doing a dip mani without this essential acrylic powder.

Are you a Base & Finish powder fan yet?

If it's your first time hearing about our clear acrylic powder, it's never too late to start using it.

You may purchase it here as a stand-alone product or here as part of a dipping nail kit.

Then head over to DipWell's Dipper Club on Facebook and share your experience. 

Our members have been exchanging tricks & techniques on how to maximize this workhorse of a dip powder.

Gabriella Jean Jimenez Collier, for example, uses it to create a different look for her dip nails. She said, "I already used half of it lol. I like to mix it with colors too to get a lighter color or more opaque color."

You may also share your tips with us on Instagram @dipwellnails and use our official hashtag #DoYouDipWell.

Looking forward to hearing from you!