Find The Perfect Engagement Manicure For Showing Off A Diamond

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Are you seeing telltale signs that they want to put a ring on it? And are you engagement manicure-ready just in case they pop the question real soon?

After all... it's proposal season! The most romantic time of the year which started around Thanksgiving and will wrap up around Valentine's. And the most popular engagement day? December 25.

Yup, that's exactly in two days. So if you're looking for the best nail color to show off an engagement ring or the best nail color for engagement pictures, let's get to it to make sure you won't have to resort to a hand model to show off your sparkler.

Ehem, to the proposers reading this—guys, gals, and nonbinary pals—take lots of notes! (And if an old-fashioned proposal isn't your style, we support that, too! Your relationship, your way. Read on for manis that complement *any* jewelry.)

Prep for your dream proposal manicure

Totally normal to have perfect nails all the time in preparation for a possible "Will you marry me?" moment. If you want surprise-proposal-ready nails, we’ve got you covered, thanks to the lovely dippers of the DipWell Dipper Club! They’ve shared their engagement nails as inspo.

A hint to proposers: they loves it when you pay attention!

"He waited until my nails were just done to pop the question 😍 he knows me so well! Thanks Dipwell for giving me nice nails for pictures lol"

- Selena Millan

Beautiful mani for a beautiful occasion

"I’ve had a feeling this was coming for the last few months, so picking my nail colors felt sort of like a Russian Roulette. CL23 was the winner yesterday! 💍 Thanks to DipWell I was always ready!"

- Alyssa Volland

Nice nails to show off your engagement ring selfie

"DipWell saved the day for my #engagement 💍 photos 💗💗"

- Mari Guzman-Laurean

A most thoughtful sentiment behind a special symbol of commitment

“Resorted to silicone bc of working in healthcare”

- Katrina Penna

Photo by Belle Rey Photography

Rose-tinted taupe for picture-perfect proposal nails

"Thank you DipWell!! Because of you I had gorgeous nails for my engagement photos and didn’t have to go to the nail salon and pay all that money!!"

- Allie Catherine

Gorgeous nails paired with a gorgeous ring

"I got engaged last week❤️ and now feel like I need perfect nails at all times! 😂💍"

- Nikila Alapati

We are swooning over these perfect engagement manicures! 🥰

They're some of the best nails for getting engaged. And there's more where that came from. Here are other proposal manicure ideas to suit many fiancé-to-be personalities.

Pro fiancé tip: Go for the natural nails look to accentuate your stunning ring

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Photo by Alex Rees. Dip powder color featured: PA05.

Photo by Leslee Willmore

Photo by Jessica Kwartner Rosen

Pro fiancé tip: Add glitter to your nails to make your engagement manicure shine bright like many diamonds

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Photo by Lani Smith

Photo by Jessica Smith

Photo by Tara Fleming

Pro fiancé tip: Choose a bold and beautiful backdrop to match your flashy new ring

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Photo by Katie Malone

Photo by Erin Marie

Photo by Tammy Perkins Kelemen

Photo by Betsaida Cerezo. Dip powder color featured: CL40.

Pro fiancé tip: Not feeling the natural, glittery, or classic look? Do you, boo, and buck any engagement manicure tradition.

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Photo by Nicolette Chartier

Photo by Jennifer Jentink

For the singles trying to stay patient while waiting for a proposal...

Our DipWell Dipper Club members want to help you keep your sanity during the arduous waiting game. Here are their top tips.

1. "Don’t worry you’re not the only one!! My man asked me what kind of ring I would want 2.5 YEARS before proposing 🤦🏽‍♀️ there’s no controlling men 😂" -Lucy Rosensteel

2. "I feel that men ask when they’re ready. It’s up to you to decide how long you’re willing to wait!" -Bee Stefani

3. "We got married on our 10 year anniversary, so just tell him the longer the wait - the bigger the diamond 😆😎❤️" -Ashley Brooke Vaughn

4. "I just got married and added the band on 9/26/2020! Make sure your nails are always done! Also planning a wedding is very stressful and so much family drama comes out of nowhere. So maybe that’ll help make waiting more bearable!" -Ariane Cusanek

5. “It's so hard to wait. But for the right one it's worth it.” -Melissa Klundt

6. “Just celebrated our 7 year anniversary. It’ll come when it’s meant to! 🥰” -Maritza Villegas

We're crossing our fingers and mistletoes that you receive a sparkly surprise on Christmas day!

And if you don’t, consider these wise words from one of our DipWell Dipper Club members: “A ring doesn’t ensure love and commitment, the partner does.” Words to live by!

But if you do, we want to see your snazzy engagement nails and ring! Tag us on Instagram @dipwellnails and use our official hashtag #DoYouDipWell. Don't forget to share your picture at our Facebook group and virtually celebrate with the members. And what comes next? Choosing the perfect wedding mani, of course! Even if it may not be happening right away, it's never a bad idea to get a head start. Best wishes!