Fall Activities & The Manis To Match

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It’s finally here!! It seems like no other season arrives with this much fanfare.

Sweater weather has always been a welcome reprieve from the dog days of summer. But it used to be that pumpkin was a flavor that centered around Thanksgiving, and our apple-picking adventures were only shared in real life.

Now, however, Instagram nearly explodes with dreams of orchards, pumpkin patches, corn mazes and riding boots. And you can buy just about anything with in a pumpkin spice flavor, from pretzels to microwave popcorn (currently out of stock, sadly). 

And we’re here for it!

Once you’ve got your outfit planned, it’s time to pick a gram-worthy activity, and make sure your dip mani is close-up ready.

We’ve collected our favorite autumnal nail colors and paired them with our favorite fall pastimes:

Apple Picking

The most classic of all the fall activities is taking a drive out to the country and following signs for “U-pick” apples.

The rows and rows of trees make the perfect Fall photo op, so be sure to have your mani ready for the gram.

Travel + Leisure found their 19 top spots for apple-picking, while Reader’s Digest put together a more inclusive list that ranges all 50 states.

If you’ve got young ones in tow, turn it into a successful memory-making trip with Mother Mag’s tips for picking apples with kids.

NE9 is a perfectly classic bright red. It goes with plaid, tweed, denim, and cable knits - all your fall staples. 

CL20 is a deeper shade that brings an edgy elegance to your fall outfits, and will let your red delicious bounty shine. 

Pumpkin Carving

Why buy a ready made jack ‘o lantern when you could make one yourself?

Thankfully it’s a lot easier now than in the old days. Gather your friends around and be sure to have snacks on hand.

When it’s time to dig in, choose from a wide variety of stencils… Etsy has everything from Monstera leaves to lattes, not to mention the classic face shapes.

Mix and match NE11 and NE12 for the perfect ultra-bright pumpkin style.

Or keep things more subdued with our olive shade CL-74 and burnt orange CL69.

Cider Mulling

Move over PSLs… there’s room for more than one fall beverage.

Cider is the perfectly sweet way to warm up after a chilly afternoon of raking leaves. Or a chilly day watching football with the A/C blasting.

Martha Stewart has an elegant adult version that includes wine, while Ina Garten has a recipe that’s for the whole family.

CL15 brings to mind the burst of citrus that brightens the best cider recipes

CL59 is a warm, cinnamony red that has subtle shimmer - the perfect color to accompany a spicy evening by the fireplace

Pie Baking

Whether you adore the classic pumpkin pie, or you favor berry pies, or Boston cream pies, fall is the perfect time to spend a Saturday afternoon whipping up a crusty treat.

The Food Network claims to have the Perfect Pumpkin Pie recipe.

Don’t let calories or food plans get in your way - remember that Pumpkin is a vegetable, and you can even make a keto version.

If you’re looking for inspiration, check out renown Detroit bakery Sister Pie’s cookbook that has recipes for dishes like Buttermilk Streusel Pumpkin Pie and Brandy Pecan Pie. Yes, please!

NE19 is the perfect, rich pumpkin pie shade. A sophisticated shade that’ll take you from the weekend right back into weekdays at the office.

NA19 Is a gorgeous warm neutral that’ll look fabulous and won’t hog the spotlight - after all, your pies are the center of attention today.

Bringing in New Decor

Americans spent $2.7 Billion on Halloween decorations in 2018. Whether you enjoy bringing out spooky spiders and skeletons, or celebrate with less scary decor, freshening up your space is a great way to celebrate autumn. 

Trust Joanna Gaines to have good taste in setting a fall mood - her Fall Candle carries the scent of pumpkin chai. 

Cozy up your sofa with an ochre wool throw from Room & Board, or share good fall vibes with a leafy seasonal doormat from Target.

NE8 is a rich, creamy orange that’s subtle enough to blend in, but still makes a statement.

CL12 is our black-on-black glitter shade that’s a little sparkly, but not over-the-top. 

French White is our solid white pattern that’s usually used for French tip designs, but works just as well for accent nails.

One of our favorite fall patterns is tortoiseshell - we love timeless merging of amber with brown and black. You can dip into a tortoise mani, too!

Take a Nature Walk

These months bring out the best colors around the country, and often bring more moderate temps, as well! Enjoy the scenery and dip your nails to match the foliage.

CL60 is the color of just-fallen oak leaves… a gorgeous golden brown.

CL50 is a deep chocolatey brown

CL18 is a sumptuous dark mauve that brings warmth and harmony to the standard array of fall colors

Even better, dip a French Marble mani with fall colors! We've got a tutorial right here:

The beauty of DipWell dip manicures is that your gorgeous fall shades will stand up to any adventure - whether tromping through fields, carving pumpkins, or working in the kitchen with flour up to your elbows.

Our powders provide vibrant coverage, and our dip process gives you the staying power you need to get through these months in style.

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Written by: Anna Bradshaw