How To Remove Your [Invisible] Cuticles… And Stop Lifting Before It Starts

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We'll show you how to remove your entire cuticle. Did you know that nails have both visible, and invisible cuticles? It's true! And if you don't fully remove the invisible cuticle, it can cause your dip mani to lift. Stop lifting in its tracks by following these steps.
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  • Whether you're prepping your nails for a manicure or you're practicing self care, removing the invisible cuticle is essential!
  • We will be using the pusher end of our Cuticle Jelly Pusher & the 100 grit side of our buffer.
Step 1
  • We start our cuticle care routine using our Jelly Pusher. Push the cuticles back using the jelly side of the Jelly Pusher.
Step 2
  • Once cuticles have been pushed back, identify the invisible cuticle. It’s typically small, white, & sticky.
Step 3
  • Using a 100 grit file, carefully buff off any invisible cuticle. Be sure to only roughen the cuticle end and avoid filing the natural nail as much as possible.

PRO TIP: Use the rounded side of the file to better reach the grooves of the cuticle.

Step 4
  • Use a fluffy brush to sweep away any filing debris.
Step 5
  • After dusting nails off, use a lint-free wipe to clean the nail with alcohol.
Step 6
  • Apply just one drop of Cuticle Oil (A little goes a long way!) and massage on the cuticle area on all fingers.

PRO TIP: Hold off on the Cuticle Drops if you’re about to start applying a dip manicure. Instead, apply Cuticle Drops once you have completed your set to prevent your dip mani from lifting.

  • Removing the invisible cuticle allows for better adhesion on manicures & prevents premature lifting!

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