Meet The DipWell Fam

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It’s our birthday! DipWell is officially two years old as of this month. 

We’re so excited to see DipWell resonating with women who love great nails, and want a more personalized manicure experience.

Our dip powders and mani kits have gotten amazing press coverage, but what’s even more fun for us is seeing your responses… not just your gorgeous nails (follow #doyoudipwell for inspo!), but your stories of how DipWell has freed up your time, and your money - giving you another great option for nail care that fits in your schedule, and with your lifestyle. 

To celebrate 2 years of dipping, we’re giving you a behind-the-scenes look at the team that created our famous kits, and continues innovating new products and powders on a daily basis.

Did you know DipWell is a family-owned business? But more than that we consider the entire team to be a family.

And just like every family, we’re a group of individuals with unique talents, skills, and most of all, a goofy side.

Every morning our warehouse comes to life bright and early. Orders pour in and tickets get automatically generated. From there, our fulfillment team packs up each and every order, including custom BYOB kits. Meanwhile, our team is also sorting bulk powders and testing them to make sure they’re perfect.

Around lunch time, team members swoop in and out of the design office, swiping up pizza slices from the communal tables. There are a few dozen test color swatches laid out, future dreams and ideas mapped out on the big whiteboards, and a doggo snoozing in between desks.

While everyone’s buzzing through the halls, the chemists are focused and undistracted, working on new formulas in our lab. A lot of cosmetic and nail supply companies outsource their labs. But every DipWell formula is developed on-site and then put through thorough testing before it shows up on our website.

So without further ado, meet our fam!

Allen’s official title is President/CEO, but he’s not the corporate type that manages from a distance. Instead, you’ll find him popping into the lab, walking the manufacturing floor, and brainstorming ideas in the design office on a daily basis.

Born in the year of the mouse. True to his adaptable nature, he says his favorite DipWell shade varies depending on the day! Good thing there are tons of pretty colors to choose from. Always health-conscious, Allen likes to water-fast three times a year, for 3-4 days at a time! Around the office, people know those fasting days are not the best ones to bring up problems… nobody’s happy when they’re hungry.


Arvis leads the DipWell brand and gets to create amazing partnerships with influencers, media outlets, and similar brands. With a true passion for collaboration, Arvis keeps a lot of plates spinning. She shares: “I enjoy collecting mini Tabasco Sauce bottles. They're just so cute and I like my food with a kick! When I'm at a restaurant, I'll ask the waiter if they have Tabasco sauce first before pulling a mini bottle from my purse. Can't waste my stash! #alwaysinmybagswag 🌶️”Her favorite DipWell powder is one of the newest in the lineup: PA-14, a gorgeous, cool pale pink that goes with absolutely everything. It’s classic and never goes out of style!


Fave food: all kinds of seafood - especially good ceviche. When she’s not developing new formulas in the lab, you’ll probably find Jen playing beach volleyball or hanging out at the dog beach with her new puppy Asia. Fave shade: CL-6 - one of our boldest reds.


Multi-talented, Tyler has played both basketball and baseball since he was a kid. He’s our resident foodie and loves traveling with his wife, but nowadays, he’s soaking up quality time with his new baby boy Atlas James! His wifey’s fave DipWell shade is CL-40, a decadent deep plum. ______________________________________________________________

Maria’s role is taking care of our amazing DipWell community! We love helping people discover DipWell and find the very best nail products for their lifestyle. Maria’s dog is pretty much the most popular team member in the offices. “I'm a dog mom to the handsomest floof named Tobi. My hobbies include cuddles with Tobi, laughing at memes with Tobi, drinking Topo Chico mineral water with Tobi, & finding new brunch spots with Tobi. Tobi is much cuter than me so follow him @tobieltravieso 🐶”Maria favors PA-17 a gorgeous light periwinkle blue.


Thu’s top hobby is product photography, which comes in handy at DipWell! A lifelong artist, she posts gorgeous close-ups of her fave beauty products @thunguyenphoto. We all want lessons in how to create that amazing lighting, Thu!

She’s currently loving one of our newest neutrals: a luscious milky gray - NA-16.


Gerard creates DipWell delight by overseeing each and every order that leaves our warehouse.

Although he’s colorblind, he enjoys the wide range of colors and shades in the DipWell product line.

And in his free time, you’ll find him exploring breweries. His signature drink is whatever’s cool and new and on tap!


Anna writes copy for DipWell ranging from homepage banners to blog posts.

“I love the fun, relatable tone of DipWell. It’s a great brand that’s truly filling a gap in the nail market and providing really innovative products that make women’s lives easier, and more colorful!”

Her fave shade: NA-22, a classic soft neutral that’s understated and polished.

And the final member(s) of our family - YOU, our loyal customers & community - we have to thank for all the love you’ve shown us through the years. We owe our positive journey and experiences to your support.

We couldn’t be more excited to celebrate our second birthday with you and look forward to bigger and better celebrations as our family of team members & customers continue to grow. Stay tuned for new products, content, and more to come - there’s so much to share, fam! 💕