How To Create A Pastel French Mani With Gold Accent

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One of our all-time favorite pastel nail designs, this look is elegant, classic, and a touch glam. This tutorial will teach you how to apply a French manicure with dip powder, and a metallic nail art accent. Creating this stunning dip powder mani is easier than you'd think, and you'll be sure to get compliments on these dazzling French tips.
PRO TIP: Make sure you thoroughly prep nails to ensure adhesion & long-lasting wear! Push back cuticles, create a rough texture on the nail plate by filing, and sanitize thoroughly.
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Metallic nail stickers complete this look by adding just the right amount of glam! You can find nail decals at your local beauty store or on Amazon. Play around with different nail accents to jazz up your mani with!

Step 1
  • Apply a thin coat of Step 1 Bond. Allow it to dry completely.
Step 2
  • Paint a thin coat of Step 2 Base and immediately dip tip of finger at an angle into color powder of choice.
  • Here we used PA-01 to create the French smile line.

PRO TIP: You don't have to use the same colors we did! Use whatever color you like.

Step 3
  • Tap finger to get rid of loose powder and then dip immediately into Natural Pink. Work quickly before Base dries.

PRO TIP: Avoid getting the product onto cuticles, powder will pick up wherever Base is applied.

Step 4
  • Repeat for more coverage and until desired thickness.

PRO TIP: Brushes may harden or pick up color powder during application. Simply switch them between Brush Softener for easy cleaning & workability.

Step 5
  • Apply Step 3 Activator and allow a few minutes for powder to harden.
  • Buff and shape nails to create a smooth surface.

PRO TIP: Make sure you thoroughly wipe off any excess nail powder after buffing!

Step 6
  • Paint a thin coat of Step 2 Base over the entire nail and position gold nail art along French smile line.
Step 7
  • Apply Step 2 Base and allow to dry.
Step 8
  • Apply Step 3 Activator and allow a few minutes for powder to harden.
Step 9
  • Paint a coat of Step 4 Sealer and allow 2-3 minutes for nails to dry.
Step 10
  • Paint a second coat of Step 4 Sealer and allow 3-5 minutes for nails to dry.

PRO TIP: Don't apply more than 2 coats of Sealer as this will prevent even drying & may result in a gummy mani.

  • This classy & colorful mani is a great way to try out multiple colors at once. Play around with different nail stickers to see what speaks to you!

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