Rainbow Ombre Nails

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Find this gorgeous DIY mani at the end of the rainbow. If you like nude nails but want a pop of color, this simple rainbow nail art tutorial was created just for you. Our take on rainbow nails is a sophisticated mani that starts with a nude base and adds a slice of color along the edge for a gorgeous neon ombre accent. We could all use a little extra color in our lives right now. Here at DipWell we love sharing creative dip powder nail ideas with you every week, and this might be one of our favorites <3
PRO TIP: Make sure you thoroughly prep nails to ensure adhesion & long-lasting wear! Push back cuticles, create a rough texture on the nail plate by filing, and sanitize thoroughly.
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Step 1
  • Apply a coat of Step 1 Bond to all fingernails
Step 2
  • Paint a thin coat of Step 2 Base and immediately dip finger into Base & Finish.
  • Tap finger and use a fluffy brush to sweep off excess powder.

PRO TIP: Avoid getting the product onto cuticles, powder will pick up wherever Base if applied. Also make sure to tap off excess powder in between coats!

Step 3
  • Carefully apply a second coat of Step 2 Base, leaving an unpainted strip along the left side of the nail. Then immediately dip at an angle into NA04.
  • Repeat for more coverage, leaving the same strip of the nail bare.

PRO TIP: Over applied Base? Happens to the best of us. Make sure to wipe off the orangewood stick in between cleaning fingers to prevent build up ruining a mani.

Step 4
  • Apply a coat of Step 3 Activator.
  • Buff and shape the edge of NA-04 powder to create a clean divot for your rainbow effect.
Step 5
  • Paint a coat of Step 2 Base onto the left section of nail & immediately spoon a small amount each of each color over the nail. Tap finger to rid of loose powder.

PRO TIP: Play around with color combos & different rainbow gradients! DipWell has over 180 colors to unleash your inner artist.

Step 6
  • Repeat for more coverage, reversing the order of application each time.

PRO TIP: Reversing the order (top to bottom, bottom to top) helps create a layered & smooth ombre.

Step 7
  • Paint a thin coat of Step 2 Base over the left half of the nail and dip immediately into Base & Finish powder. Tap finger to remove loose powder.

PRO TIP: Brushes may harden or pick up color powder during application. Simply switch them between Brush Softener for easy cleaning & workability.

Step 8
  • Apply Step 3 Activator onto the nail and allow a few minutes for powder to harden.
  • Then use our coarse grit buffer to even out the preferred thickness of the nails and the 240 grit buffer to smooth the nail surface.
Step 9
  • Wash hands and nails thoroughly or wipe with alcohol.

PRO TIP: Make sure nails are completely dry before moving to the next step!

Step 10
  • Apply another coat of Activator and allow 3-4 minutes for Activator to completely dry.
Step 11
  • Apply a coat of Sealer in quick thin strokes.
  • Allow 3 minutes for nails to dry.
  • Repeat for super shiny nails.

PRO TIP: Brushes may harden or pick up color powder during application. Simply switch them between Brush Softener for easy cleaning & workability.

Step 12
  • TFW when summer is coming to a close but you still have so many bright, fun shades you want to use. 😩
  • Keep summer going with this hidden rainbow!