The Perfect Summer Fruit Salad (And The Dip Nail Color To Match The Ingredients)

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Aaah, August. It’s when we start scrambling to do more last-hurrah-of-summer activities. And it's giving us all the anxiety-ridden feels of the Sunday Scaries.

Are you feeling the same end-of-summer dread?

Cheer up! The good news is we still have a whole good month to go, and we can’t let the Summer Scaries dampen our summer spirits.

So, let's enjoy the remaining days of this summer of self-quarantine, shall we?

Go grab yourself a cone of chocolate soft serve ice cream from the Mister Softee truck. Or stock up on multi-colored, fruity ice pops. Just watch out for the brain freeze!

Better yet, unleash your inner Chrissy Teigen or Martha Stewart—whoever floats your banana boat. Get busy in the kitchen like you’re a MasterChef concocting something that's ever-refreshing.

Care for a delectable bowl of fruit salad?

Then read on and learn how to beat the summer heat.

In style.

Yup, not only are we going to give you our favorite handpicked recipes, but we’ll also show you the dip powder colors that pair well with the perfect summer fruit salad.

Let’s dig in.

Eat your colors for a rainbow of benefits

We're talking about helping you cool off this summer AND load up your body with diverse vitamins and other nutrients.

First, here's a Thai-inspired fruit salad recipe—one of Chrissy Teigen's favorite recipes from her cookbook, Cravings 2.

Next, you can choose from this collection of 12 fruit salad recipes from Martha Stewart.

Since good (and delicious) things come in threes, we're giving you a third option, too—and it happens to be the highest-rated perfect summer fruit salad recipe in the Interwebs.

In a nutshell, here are the different types of fruit you're going to need to create this perfection.

  • Strawberries
  • Oranges
  • Pineapples
  • Bananas
  • Kiwi
  • Green Grapes
  • Blueberries

You may even have all the other ingredients in your fridge already.

So, what do you do next after making Chrissy Teigen or Martha Stewart proud?

Play with this summer fruit salad dip nail palette

Ta-daaa! If you've never tried fruit-inspired colors before, now is the time to do so. We double dare you. Summer is not the time to hold back after all. It's the season of showing your fun, playful personality. So go forth and experiment with new colors. Deal?


This sexy strawberry shade gives off va-va-voom vibes perfect for a summer date night with your boo—even if it's only rewatching Grease for the umpteenth time at home.


An outstanding orange color that screams, "I'm a summer shade that's anything but basic." Put on your sunglasses—this neon orange stands out and makes a statement. Who needs coffee when your nails bring this much energy?


Pineapple-inspired color that's always pleasing to the eye of the beholder. This one's perfect for you if you like piña coladas and getting caught in the (summer) rain.


It's a bold banana color that'll easily make you a standout in the summer crowd (of mask-wearing and sanitizer-carrying peeps, we hope).


This awe-inspiring kiwi color will make everyone green with envy. Not every Tom, Dick, and Harriet can pull off this summer shade, but we bet you can!


A gorgeous green grape color that'll make you feel like Jennifer Lopez sashaying at the Grammys red carpet. Much like her iconic Versace dress, this dip powder color is made for a fashionable exit from the summer to the fall season.


The beautiful blueberry shade that spells R-O-Y-A-L. Move over, Meghan Markle. Make way for the queen of summer colors.

Are you inspired yet to give these dip nail colors a go? Treat yourself to another round of summer shopping. Here's your handy-dandy shopping list to help you navigate our online store. Don't forget: shipping is free on all orders $35+. ;)

The dip powder primary colors—reds, yellows, and blues—tend to be super concentrated pigments that can stain the nails. But worry not, dear dipper. Just make sure to always apply a layer of Base & Finish Powder before layering on your color powder.
Here’s a major plus: doing this dip tip helps dip powder manis to last longer and prevent lifting. Win-win!

Ready to wear the fruit-inspired rainbow on your nails?

There are many ways you can achieve this summer look.

We encourage you to have fun experimenting with the various fruit salad shades and express yourself.

You can go the simple route.

Or you can be bold.

You can use all those fruit-y shades on your dip mani. Say, one shade for each digit applied as a solid color.

Oh, you want to be extra bold?

Then mix 'em all up and do your dip nails gradient-style.

You can even add a fruit nail art on an accent nail (just like how we did in our tutorial featuring dried flowers and gold foil and heart-shaped glitters).

Pick a style that suits your personality and, in no time, you'd be admiring your dip manicure and thinking how refreshing it looks.

A little warning: The summer fruit salad dip mani is drool-worthy enough to make you salivate. Fix yourself a cup of fruit salad when this happens. We know you already bookmarked one of our recommended recipes. 😉

Having a refreshing summer style is possible—even if you’re stuck at home

Flaunting a fruit salad dip manicure? We'd love to see what you come up with using the perfect summer fruit salad dip powder color palette. Tag us on Instagram @dipwellnails, use our official hashtag #DoYouDipWell, and don't be surprised if we feature you on our social media pages one of these days.