Very Peri Mani: Your Guide to This Year’s Pantone-inspired Dip Nail Designs

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Say sayonara to last year's favorite colors, Illuminating and Ultimate Gray, and hello to the 2022 Pantone Color of the Year: Very Peri.

Very Peri is the brand new shade custom-made by Pantone. They describe it as "a dynamic periwinkle blue hue with a vivifying violet red undertone".

It blends the happy vibes of the blue color and the excitement that the red color brings.

In the transformative times we live in now, Very Peri is a beautiful symbol of optimism, strength, and new ideas.

So let the Pantone Color of the Year 2022 add whimsy to your mani!

Here are the various Very Peri looks you can rock all year — from jelly to glow in the dark dip manicure. We've also thrown in some dip nail tutorials for good measure.

Let's go!

1. Jelly Very Peri Dip Mani

Feeling nostalgic for your younger years whenever you see Very Peri? The color does look like the childhood favorite grape drink mixed with lime-flavored Kool-Aid.

Now you can add an extra dash of nostalgia to your Very Peri manicure by trying on the jelly nail trend — an ode to the jelly sandals that were so popular back in the '90s. Remember those?

PRO TIP: Pair any color from the Jelly Dip Powder Collection with clear nail tips for ultimate sheerness. It's a fun and cute look that's perfect for summer.

Beautifully transparent light purple manicure featuring JL04 Purple Jelly dip powder. For a similar accent nail, apply JL01 Clear Jelly dip powder and make it a little more opaque. Image by Siggi K.

If you want to double down on going retro, refer to these Vintage Nail Designs for more dip nail inspo.

2. Milky Very Peri Dip Mani

The Very Peri color is also a nod to the increasing popularity of the metaverse where the digital and physical world collides — and we're matching this concept with the dreamy version of Very Peri nails.

This kitchen-staple-to-mani-station-favorite is the perfect balance between translucent and opaque. A little pop of subtle color. Light, but not too light. And it can even come with shimmer for that extra glow. It's everything you want in a pastel purple!

PRO TIP: The colors from the Milky Dip Powder Collection are totally buildable. You can make them as transparent or colorful as you like.

The perfect creamy purple mani — featuring MK05 Milky Lavender dip powder — that gives off serious Easter vibes. Want to recreate that accent nail? Refer to the How to Create Polka Dot Nails with Dip Powder or Abstract Polka Dot Nail Art Mani With Dip Powder tutorial. Image by Sydney G.

Vibrant but natural. It's a pretty faint purple manicure with delicate glitter featuring MK06 Milky Lavender with Glitter dip powder. Same fine-grain glitter as the one in the beloved GL44 Ultra-sparkly White and Silver dip powder. Image by Carlee A.

For spring-ready milky nails, follow the How to Create an Easy Flower Dip Nail Design tutorial and use your milky Very Peri with or without glitter.

3. Classic Very Peri Dip Mani

Very Peri encompasses the qualities of the trusted and beloved blue color family.

Can't decide which Very Peri looks to go for? The classics are always a safe bet. Go back to basics with these classic Very Peri colors from the Classic Dip Powder Collection, from soft & sweet shades to deep & moody tones, that pairs well with many other dip powder colors and looks good with or without glitter.

PRO TIP: Try starting with a solid color like French White dip powder from the French White Dip Powder Collection to make your purple shade really pop. Or simply do NOT skip a coat of Base & Finish dip nail powder to ensure color clarity and vibrancy.

A mani that gives off springtime vibes in the dead of winter, featuring CL7 Classic Lilac dip powder. It's a striking shade of pink/purple with a really pretty shimmer all throughout. Image by Kim.

A pop of rich purple color featuring CL13 Pearlescent Grape dip powder. Image by Margaret S.

A grapey purple with fine sparkles in it. It's Very Peri with an edge, featuring CL24 Cyber Grape dip powder. Image by Annie S.

A lovely purple manicure — featuring CL25 Pearly Purple dip powder — with just the right amount of fine-grain glitter that beautifully sparkles under the sun. Image by Terry Y.

It’s the perfect purple shade for spring and summer! It's a fun purple mani that looks amazing with any outfit, featuring CL32 Purple Iris dip powder, plus GL38 Purple, Silver, and Black Glitter dip powder on the accent nails. Want the same ombre accent nails? Follow the Peek-a-boo Glitter Reverse French Manicure tutorial. Image by Ellen B.

The deep color of this moody Very Peri is perfect for autumn or winter but still looks gorgeous year round. It's Merlot for your fingertips featuring CL40 Deep Wine dip powder. Image by Elizabeth.

Feel like royalty with this gorgeous deep purple featuring CL42 Regalia Purple dip powder. Image by Lucy.

For a classic and chic style, opt for the Lunar New Year Color Block Nails. Just replace the classic colors with the Very Peri shades of your choice.

4. Pastel Very Peri Dip Mani

Spring is just around the corner, which calls for Very Peri pastel dip powder. It's the perfect springtime color that's much adored by nail aficionados.

It can be bright, creamy, muted, opaque, you name it, pastel purple does not disappoint one bit — much like the spritely and joyous attitude of Very Peri owing to its violet red undertone.

PRO TIP: For the most vivid shade, apply two (or more) coats of your desired color from the Pastel Dip Powder Collection.

Not quite blue, not quite purple. This is PA03 Bright Periwinkle dip powder, and you may call it the blurple shade. To recreate the gradient dip powder nails, refer to the How To Apply A Pastel Gradient Mani tutorial. Image by Erica S.

This outstanding orchid color is fantastic on its own but also pairs beautifully with...practically everything. Accent nail featuring PA06 Light/medium Violet dip powder. No bling? No problem. Try the Limited Edition Winter Disco Silver glitter or Limited Edition Gold Flake dip powder that is perfect for special occasions. Image by Yariliz F.

A very rich and beautiful shade of purple with just a hint of shimmer that gives PA07 Plum shade dip powder some depth. Need a tutorial to achieve a similar look? Check out How To Create A Pastel French ManiImage by Harley.

PA08 Warm Violet dip powder that edges toward a pretty sparkly light pink. You can't go wrong with a touch of glitter, too! Image by Alisha D.

A little purple, a little blue. That's PA19 Light Periwinkle dip powder. It's a very cute color to include in your pastels. Image by Katie.

Peep this guide to Pastel Nail Designs + Our New Milky Dip Powder Collection for more cute mani inspo.

5. Neon Very Peri Dip Mani

Don't be afraid to go as vibrant as possible. That's what Very Peri is all about: a courageous presence that encourages personal inventiveness and creativity.

For the most flattering shade of purple that attracts compliments all day, choose Very Peri, but make it neon!

This versatile color is perfect for every season, earning a spot on your must-have list.

PRO TIP: Pair these bright purple shades from the Neon Dip Powder Collection with white, gray, or black dip colors for a gorgeous multicolor mani or accented mani.

Light and fun purple manicure featuring NE7 Imperial Purple dip powder. Image by Emily S.

Bright and happy mani featuring NE18 Orchid Purple dip powder. Get the look of these glamorous accent nails using the Glitter Ombre Gold Tip Nails For Christmas tutorial. Image by Mandy H.

If you are a neon newbie and want to start with something subtle, learn How To Apply A Neon Tip Mani. or Neon French Tips on Almond-shaped Dip Powder Nails.

6. Glitter Very Peri Dip Mani

For the man or woman who loves to sparkle, this Very Peri version is for you. Make your dip mani pop with a rich shade of purple mixed with an elegant glitter that sparkles beautifully — from turquoise glitter to black glitter and more. With DipWell, there's a beautiful combination of purple and colored glitter for everyone. And that's what Vey Peri stands for: limitless possibilities in a world of unprecedented change.

PRO TIP: The colors from the Glitter Dip Powder Collection get deeper with each coat, so you can adjust how vibrant you want them to be. Best for either an accent nail or as a stand-alone color.

It's somewhere between pink and purple, with a bit of an ethereal luster. This eye-catching sparkly manicure features GL21 Deep Lilac with Green and Blue Glitter dip powder. Image by Elena.

A pretty tone of purple with the perfect balance of sparkle featuring GL30 Amethyst dip powder. Image by Jane.

Gorgeous mani featuring GL38 Purple, Silver, and Black Glitter dip powder that's great for the holidays or whenever you're in a sparkly mood. Another dip nail design option instead of a solid color glitter manicure is the Color Block Nail Art With Dip Powder. Watch the tutorial to try this style on your accent nails. Image by Janet.

Channel your inner mermaid with this iridescent manicure featuring GL40 Cool-toned Purple with Turquoise Glitter dip powder. Get this look using the Colorblock French Mani with Slanted Tips tutorial or go for an upgrade with Ombre Slanted French Nails. Image by Tina L.

For more sparkling ideas that elicit joy, read How To Use Glitter Dip Powder.

7. Glow in the Dark Very Peri Dip Mani

Very Peri was created to represent the transition we're going through in our lives. To match that sentiment, go with the Glow In The Dark Dip Powder Collection. You'd love the changing personality of the dip colors — with a vibrant glow that lasts for hours to boot! Watch one shade turn into a new one as you go from daytime to nighttime.

PRO TIP: Simply walk outside in the sun to "charge" your nails (or use a lamp or flashlight) and they'll glow in the dark when you come back in.

The glow is real with this fun mani featuring GW03 Day: Magenta / Night: Violet dip powder. Image by Shannon L.

For a more stylized glow in the dark manicure, you can also go for an ombre. Watch the How to Create Glow in the Dark Ombre Dip Nails tutorial and learn how to do so.

Very Peri Dip Nail Tutorials

According to Pantone, "Very Peri helps us to embrace this altered landscape of possibilities, opening us up to a new vision as we rewrite our lives."

This calls to mind... It's almost spring! And these Very Peri-inspired dip nail designs (with tutorials to boot) are the perfect match to the season of new beginnings.

Raindrop Nails | 3D Water Drop Nail Art dip mani tutorial featuring PA03 Bright Periwinkle and NA27 Cool Gray from the Naturale Dip Powder Collection

How To Apply Multi Color Negative Space Nails dip mani tutorial featuring PA19 Light Periwinkle and PA05 Light Blue dip powders.

Milk Bath Nails With Milky Dip Powder dip mani tutorial featuring MK05 Milky Lavender, MK01 Milky White, MK03 Milky Blue, MK07 Milky Pink, and JL09 Gray Jelly dip powders.

How To Do Multicolor Marble Nails With This Dip Powder Design dip mani tutorial featuring PA07 Plum Shade and NA04 Mid-tone Nude dip powders.

There's your very pretty reason to add Very Peri to your dip nail collection

When you want to be on trend, you can never go wrong with Pantone's color choice. And now you have 22 shades similar to Very Peri that you can choose from for your next dip mani session.

We'd love to see the Very Peri style you come up with. Share your nailfie with your fellow dippers via DipWell's Dipper Club on Facebook or @dipwellnails on Instagram and use our official hashtag: #DoYouDipWell.