Your Best Winter Hygge Routine

3 min read

Early sunsets and long nights can either be comforting or depressing. Rather than letting the winter blues get you down, capitalize on these gray days to create a cozy self-care routine.

Hygge has been all the rage the last couple of years. The Danish term for cozy, contented living, its tenants have long been popular in many cultures… especially those in colder climates. But you don’t need snowdrifts outside as an excuse to cuddle up by the fireplace.

Make it your goal to recharge this season with these easy-to-incorporate Hygge-like traditions.

Discover the World of Hot Beverages

It’s easy to get in a rut with your morning cup of Starbucks or homebrew coffee, but this winter, try exploring other options.

In addition to all the traditional hot green, black, and herbal teas, there are hot ciders, and of course hot chocolates that range from deep and rich to sweet and light.

If health is your goal, check the sugar content – pre-made cider and cocoa mixes can be loaded with sweeteners. But there are also many healthier brands, and making your own is always a safe bet. These days, some versions even include apoptogenic ingredients and extra healthy boost.

Treat your nails to a Dip Nail Manicure

No matter if there’s inclement weather or you’re just in the mood for Saturday inside, you can still get salon-quality nails right at home. DipWell Nail Kits make it super easy to get gorgeous, long-lasting nails. No every-two-day touch-ups here! These nail powder colors can last three or more weeks without chipping.

Choose a calming color like the gentle lavender shade PA6, the soft icy blue of PA17, or warm neutral NA25.

Or make a bolder statement and brighten your winter with a neon shade like bright yellow CL66, bold cobalt NE20, or stark white GL11.

Whichever direction you go with color, your nails will love the extra attention and care.

Take a cooking class

Staying cozy doesn’t mean you have to go into total hibernation. Look for local cooking classes online and find one featuring hearty comfort food.

Better yet, bring a friend along. Cooking can be a meditative, restorative practice, and learning new techniques to add to your repertoire is a perfect way to start off a new year.

Dig out your favorite old movies

Nothing says snow day (or, close the blinds on the blazing sun and pretend it’s a snow day) like watching classic old movies.

Think 90’s rom-coms, cheesey musicals, or whatever nostalgic flicks you love. Bring ‘em back on out. Still keep a DVD collection? This is the perfect time to raid it.

And don’t forget some simple, old fashioned popcorn.

Take a Nature Walk

Ok it’s not as silly as it sounds. This is about getting outside for some vitamin D, (which Americans are notoriously low on during winter months) and making room for mindfulness.

Get outside while it’s daylight – even if it’s just for 5 minutes on your lunch break. Let go of your deadlines, overflowing inbox, and to-do list, and simply focus on being present. What’s around you? What sounds do you hear?

If there are trees nearby pay attention to the leaves – are they fluttering the wind? Are the bare branches weighed down with ice? Or maybe there aren’t any trees because this is your five-minute break and you’re in a parking lot #reallife. Look up – what shade of blue is the sky today? Are there clouds? What are their shapes?

Taking time to notice small details is just not a habit when we’re constantly on the go. But this winter, you can make mindfulness part of your hygge routine. And you might just be surprised at its calming power.