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  • How To Apply Faux Nails
    Make sure you thoroughly prep nails to ensure adhesion & long-lasting wear!
    -Push back cuticles
    -Shape & buff nails
    -Sanitize hands & nails thoroughly

    Step 1: Apply a coat of Bond to all fingernails

    Step 2: Apply a small amount of nail glue to attach the faux nail tip - being careful not to miss the sides. A small amount of glue goes a long way! There’s no need to be too generous with it. In fact, if you’ve had trouble with staying power, you might want to test decreasing the amount of glue you’re using

    Step 3: Press and hold the faux nail tip to the natural nail. Wait a couple minutes for the glue to set, then trim faux nail tips to your desired length. This is also the time to shape and file your nails

    Step 4: Buff the entire nail (natural & faux tip) with 180 grit buffer just enough to create a rough surface for the dip product to adhere to. Over-buffing will thin your natural nail, which we don’t want. Moderation is key. You can also use the buffer to gently push back your cuticles from your nail plates.

    PRO TIP: Especially buff down the area where the faux nail tip meets the natural nail to an even surface. The goal is to smooth out the faux nail tip to the natural nail to create a nice, even foundation for smooth dip powder application.

    Step 5: Before starting dip application, sweep a generous coat of Step 1 Bond to the entire natural nail area, especially at the line where the faux nail tip meets the natural nail. This gets rid of oiliness that may prevent dip products from adhering.

    Allow 1-2 minutes for Step 1 Bond to set

    Step 6: Apply Step 2 Base halfway on the natural nail and sweep out to the free edge of the faux nail tip

    Immediately dip fingernail into Base & Finish Essential Powder

    Step 7: Continue with standard dip steps!

    Optional step: If you’re looking for better retention, add in a second coat of Step 2 Bbase (close to the cuticles this time) and immediately dip into Base & Finish Essential Powder. If your focus is on achieving thin nails, skip this step

    Step 8: Choose your own color adventure!

    Once the entire natural nail and faux nail tips have an even layer of Base & Finish Powder, continue the next steps as per instructions for color or French pink & white dip application.

    Before you know it, your mani will be ready to take on the world with gorgeous, glossy nails that’ll last up to 6 weeks without chipping.