Holiday Drinks And Christmas Nails To Match

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'Tis the 10th day before Christmas, when we give you 10 holiday drink recipes and Christmas nail colors to match.

Our list includes holiday drinks with rum, whiskey, wine, brandy, and bourbon. But we also have non-alcoholic holiday drinks for those not looking to booze.

Classic Christmas Cocktails

Photo from The Novice Chef

1. Coquito Cocktail

Some say this traditional Puerto Rican Christmas drink is just like the good ol' American eggnog. Some say it's infinitely much better. Some like their coquito with eggs and others don't. Whichever camp you belong to, we bet we can all agree that this creamy, coconuty goodness packs quite a punch. The Novice Chef has one of the best coquito cocktail recipes we found online. Want to make the vegan version of coquito cocktail? Delish D'lites got you covered!

Coquito cocktail-inspired Christmas nails:

GL11 - Snow-colored sparkly shade as white as the coconut in your coquito cocktail

NA28 - Mid-deep warm, neutral gray with subtle purple tones

Photo from Epicurious

2. Hot Buttered Rum

A cup of cheer containing rum, butter, brown sugar, water, and various spices. Here's the original hot buttered rum recipe featured in Wine Enthusiast Magazine. If you're not a rum connoisseur, Epicurious' hot buttered rum recipe recommends Myers's Rum or Oronoco Rum as the best options out of all the rums they've tried.

Hot buttered rum-inspired Christmas nails:

NA12 - The color of fresh-baked sugar cookies to match your sugary Christmas cocktail

CL60 - It's antique gold for your Christmas acrylic nails that mimics the color of golden rum

Photo from Well Plated

3. Mulled Wine

This festive wine is super popular in European Christmas markets. Since we don't suggest traveling right now, you can make your own mulled wine at home using Well Plated’s recipe. Or if you want to do as the German does, here's The Kitchn’s Glühwein recipe that's like the mulled wine you would get at a German Christmas market.

Mulled wine-inspired Christmas nails (lotsa red wine color options!):

CL37 - This deep purple is reminiscent of a California Syrah.

CL40 - Fan favorite alert: dippers love this mulberry wine shade.

CL9 - Classic deep red - this is one of those shades you could wear every day of the year.

CL20 - A warm garnet red that looks timeless and sophisticated.

Photo from Cookie and Kate

4. Hot Toddy

The hot toddy (or hot whiskey in Ireland) is said to reduce cough and cold symptoms. A warm, comforting Christmas cocktail with healing properties? We want some of that! Here's a classic hot toddy recipe from Cookie & Kate. Need it to have a more spicy flavor? Swizzlesticks suggests adding cloves.

Hot toddy-inspired Christmas nails:

NE5 - Dayglo yellow—the color of sunshine, happiness, and lemons on your hot toddy

GL9 - This Christmas nail color that glitters and glistens goes from boho to minimal chic, all depending on how you style it

CL52 - Garnish your hot toddy with a cinnamon stick; go for a golden dip mani with this rich medallion shade

Photo from The Spruce Eats

5. Tom and Jerry Drink

Nope, this winter cocktail wasn't named after cute cartoon characters. It dates as faaar back as the 1820s. It's also often compared to a spiked eggnog drink like this rum-based eggnog by Alton Brown. But a Tom and Jerry drink is an inherently alcoholic beverage that's served warm. The Spruce Eats have an easy-to-follow, 10-minute recipe for this traditional warm milk punch.

Tom and Jerry-inspired Christmas nails:

GL44 - Give your Tom and Jerry some sugar and your holiday nails some ultra-sparkly white & silver medium-grain glitter look

PA09 - Translucent pink with subtle glitter, this shade is a less-obvious choice for pink nails

Non-alcoholic Christmas Drinks

Photo from Delish

1. Apple Cider

It's a holiday staple from fall to winter! All you need are apples, oranges, spices, and brown sugar. Follow Delish's recipe for homemade apple cider. Take note that this holiday drink can be made in the Crockpot, Instant Pot, or on the stovetop. Check Gimme Some Oven's recipe for cooking instructions depending on which option you want to use. 

Apple cider-inspired Christmas nails:

GL8, NE1, NE12, CL33, CL38 - Our collection of red and green apple Christmas nail colors!

NA14 - A soft, coppery orange that adds a unique look and works well in a multi-color mani

Photo from Eating On A Dime

2. Christmas Punch

Google 'Christmas punch' and you'll get millions of hundreds of results. But The Grinch Punch is the one worth highlighting. It's a mean holiday drink, and we don't mean unkind or spiteful. ;) Here's a 3-ingredient Grinch punch recipe by Eating On A Dime. Want to upgrade your Grinch punch with heart-shaped strawberry garnish? (Even The Grinch has a heart!) NoBiggie has just the recipe for that. 

The Grinch Punch-inspired Christmas nails:

CL26 - This pretty Christmas nail color is a bright, rosy red like the strawberry garnish on your Grinch punch

PA02 - Soft jade, this lovely green is similar to PA18 but has less blue

Photo from Food Network

3. Eggnog Christmas Drink

You can have the classic eggnog two ways. To booze or not to booze, that is the question. For the non-boozy eggnog, head over to Food Network for their nonalcoholic eggnog recipe. If you prefer your eggnog to have an extra kick, Martha Stewart's signature eggnog is laced with rum, bourbon, and cognac. 

Eggnog-inspired Christmas nails:

NA16 - Oyster gray milk—modern, minimal, and sophisticated. Works well in geometric multi-color looks.

NA17 - Modern beige that's not too warm, not too cool. Ultra-neutral shade for an everyday style look.

Photo from Life Made Sweeter

4. Gingerbread Latte

Last month, Starbucks announced that they won't include their signature gingerbread latte in their Christmas drinks list this year. But thank goodness... we have Life Made Sweeter to the rescue! Here's their recipe for homemade gingerbread latte that's a not-too-sweet version of Starbucks' beloved Christmas latte.

Gingerbread latte-inspired Christmas nails:

CL23 - A modern neutral, this gingerbread shade has a rosy tint and a bit of sparkle

NA26 - Warm beige-fawn color that's perfect as a year-round neutral

Photo from Sugar Hero

5. Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Gingerbread latte may not be part of Starbucks' Christmas drinks list, but at least they brought their peppermint hot chocolate back. Want to skip the Starbucks line and have this classic holiday favorite anytime you want? Sugar Hero saves the day with this peppermint hot chocolate recipe. Full disclosure: her version is more caloric than Starbucks'. But who's counting! ;)

GL2, CL50, CL28 - Our collection of hot chocolate brown dip powder colors!

Yum! These holiday drink ideas are making us salivate. Brb, about to fix ourselves a cup (or two). In the meantime, share your favorite Christmas drinks with us at DipWell's Dipper Club or tag us on Instagram @dipwellnails and use our official hashtag #DoYouDipWell.