How To Fix A Torn Nail (Or Lengthen Your Nails!) With Household Supplies

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What's worse than the sound of nails on a chalkboard? *cringe*

For a fellow dipper, the sound of a fingernail breaking is the worst.

So what do you do in case of such a nail emergency?

Just reach inside your cupboard for household supplies you can use for the following DIY nail repair methods.

The Coffee Filter Method

In a nutshell, coffee filters can work as artificial nail tips. Instead of buying plastic faux nail tips and using nail glue to attach them to your nails, you simply cut a piece of the coffee filter to your preferred nail shape and use the Step 2 Base dip nail liquid to adhere it to your nail. 

Check out these step-by-step instructions on how to lengthen nails


"Pay attention to the curve under your nail and smooth it out with the end of your dusting brush. It will be bendy until you activate."

Randi Anderson, DipWell's Dipper Club member

If you need to repair a damaged nail, you can also use coffee filters as teeny bandages. And much like the application of the coffee filter nail tips, you only have to use dipping products to secure the bandage on top of the broken part of the nail.

The Tea Bag Method

We don't discriminate among caffeine aficionados. So if you're more of a tea drinker than a coffee fan, you can use tea bags to jolt your torn or short nails back to life.

The technique is similar to the coffee filter method.

Prep your nails as usual

  • Snip a piece of the tea bag to the size of your nails or a strip to cover the broken part
  • Adhere it to your nails using the base dipping liquid
  • Dip it into the Base and Finish powder to help strengthen the tea bag tip or bandage
  • Apply Step 3 Activator dip nail liquid to harden it
  • Buff and file to your heart's desire
  • Aaand color dip as normal

Pretty nifty, huh? Refer to The Coffee Filter Method for the complete instructions with visuals. 

Question is, if you have both coffee filters and tea bags at home, which material should you choose to lengthen or fix your broken nails?

Honestly, they're interchangeable. Do take note, however, that tea bag tends to be thinner than coffee filters. That's why some dippers prefer using them to fix cracked or split nails.

Now, what if both materials are not available because you just don't do caffeine at home?

No worries... here are some alternative household items for nail repair or nail tips:

  1. Cupcake liner
  2. Paper towel
  3. Parchment paper
  4. Regular copier paper
  5. Fiberglass

"Uhm, fiberglass?"

Yup, you can use them, too.

The Fiberglass Method

The fiberglass dip nails technique makes use of a clear, cloth-like material that is usually chopped into tiny strands, and it works just like the coffee filter or tea bag.

See for yourself how you can extend your nails using fiberglass and dip powder.

Are fiberglass nail extensions better than plastic nail tips? Most would say yes.

  • They're thinner than plastic faux nail tips.
  • They're more natural-looking.
  • They’re flexible enough to curve with your natural nail shape.

So, the next time you run into some dip nail difficulties, just look for these household supplies you might already have.

In no time, you'd be exclaiming...

"I can't believe 2 of these are coffee filters!"

"No one could even tell!"

"They're genius!"

Those are actual comments from the members of DipWell's Dipper Club. Join the exclusive group and let us know your own experience with these ingenious dip manicure hacks.

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