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  • How to Use a Coffee Filter to Lengthen Dip Nails

    How to Use a Coffee Filter to Lengthen Dip Nails
    Instantly longer nails! It's a miracle! DIY artificial nail tips are easier than you might think. The solution for longer nails is right in your kitchen. We'll walk you through how to add nail tips with a coffee filter and dip powder. That's right - create your own acrylic dip powder tips with just a coffee filter or tea bag and Base & Finish powder.
    PRO TIP:

    Make sure you thoroughly prep nails to ensure adhesion & long-lasting wear! Push back cuticles, create a rough texture on the nail plate by filing, and sanitize thoroughly.

    You will need the following:
    You will need the following:

    A coffee filter! This multi-use, accessible product can be easily found in your pantry. 

    Not a coffee drinker? A fresh tea bag can be cut down and used in the same manner.

    Step 1
    • Prepare an artificial nail tip with a coffee filter. Use a pen to mark for sizing.
    Step 2
    • Cut to your preferred nail shape, matching the width of your nail.
    Step 3
    • Prep the nail as usual.
    Step 4
    • Apply Step 1 Bond.
    Step 5
    • Apply a small amount of Step 2 Base to the tip (about ⅓ of the way) of the nail.
    • Quickly secure the coffee filter in place with a tweezer.
    Step 6
    • Hold and allow a few seconds for the coffee filter to adhere.
    Step 7
    • Cut to your desired length.
    Step 8
    • Apply Step 2 Base over the entire nail and quickly dip into Base & Finish Powder.
    Step 9
    • Wait a few seconds for the blend of dip liquid and powder to saturate, then use a fluffy brush to remove excess powder.
    • Repeat for more durability. This will help strengthen the nail tip and prevent potential breakage.
    Step 10
    • Apply Step 3 Activator and allow nails to harden
    Step 11
    • File nails to your desired shape.
    Step 12
    • Apply color powder as normal to achieve your desired look. Here we are using CL-40.
    • Broken nails are now a worry of the past. With this super simple (and cheap!) method, you can save your mani whenever disaster strikes.

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