DipWell Celebrates 3 Years of Nice Nails

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We’ve had quite the glow up at DipWell this year! And it’s all thanks to you - cheers to many more years of nice nails!

As we’re celebrating our birthday, we thought we’d share some of our community’s fun highlights. 

In fact, our dipper family has grown from 53k to 173k in the last twelve months!

Powder Nail Dip Community | DipWell

We know a lot of you turned to DIY nail solutions when salons closed down this year. And while DIY dipping may not have been your first choice, we hope you’re loving it! The great thing about dip nails is that with each mani it gets easier! There’s a bit of a learning curve, and dipping is truly rewarding! There’s nothing like that “just got the hang of it” feeling. 

BYOB dip nail kits proved to be our most popular innovation in 2019. 

Build Your Own Dip Powder Mani Kit | DipWell BYOB Kits are a great way to start dipping because not only do they come with all the liquids you need, you also get to choose 2-5 of your own favorite color powders.

We love all our colors equally, but our dippers have some clear favorites! For two years running, our five most popular shades are: 

  1. Glitter Collection, Dip Color Powder, GL44
  2. Naturale Collection, Dip Color Powder, NA12
  3. Pastel Collection, Dip Color Powder, PA19
  4. Classic Collection, Dip Color Powder, CL64
  5. Pastel Collection, Dip Color Powder, PA05

Most popular dip nail colors | DipWell

We’ve loved connecting with everyone on social and seeing your great #doyoudipwell looks. A year ago we had 10k followers on Instagram, and as of now we have 70k followers! Thanks for the follow, everyone!

Most popular places for dip nails | DipWell

We love our dippers wherever they live, but California, Texas, New York, Florida, and Pennsylvania placed the most orders this year. (Thanks for the local love, CA!)


Our DipWell community is growing fast on social - in fact we just joined TikTok! 

Our second post got over 2M views! And it’s no wonder - our brand manager Arvis showed off her coffee filter faux tips technique

DipWell’s Dipper Club is thriving on Facebook. Our education team hangs out to answer questions and we love seeing so many community members encouraging and helping each other learn new techniques and master dipping! If you’re not already a member, join us there today! 

Social accounts to follow for dip nail inspiration | DipWell

The past few months we’ve started sharing more nail art tutorials. It’s so fun to experiment and expand our dip nail styles! In case you’re curious, our top three most popular Youtube videos in the last year have been:

Most popular dip nail art styles | DipWell

This is our 23rd blog post of 2020 and we’re thrilled to be your go-to dip nail blog. 

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As you continue to share your #doyoudipwell manis, others are taking notice too! We’ve been featured in Cosmopolitan, Elle, MarieClaire, the New York Post, and O, The Oprah Magazine! We’re always grateful when the press picks up DipWell nail kits. We truly want to spread the word and empower everyone to have outstanding nails. Anytime, anywhere.

Want more behind the scenes? Read about a Day in the Life of Dipwell here, and join us over in our FB Dippers group, on Insta, or on (this is new for us!) TikTok!