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  • How to Use DipWell's Jelly Pusher for Cuticle Care

    How to Use DipWell's Jelly Pusher for Cuticle Care

    "Your cuticles look so healthy pushed back... Cady, will you tell them their cuticles look healthy pushed back?" Cuticle care is key for nail health and growth! Cuticle removal is not always the most exciting step of a manicure, but it's absolutely critical for great-looking, long-lasting nails. Here you'll learn how to use our nail pusher / cuticle remover to keep your cuticles in check.

    PRO TIP: Thoroughly disinfect tools before use by wiping with rubbing alcohol & allowing to completely dry.

    You will need the following:
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    Step 1
    • Use silicone pusher to gently push back cuticles
    • Repeat on all nails
    Step 2
    • Gently slide the trimmer under the edge of your cuticle, following the natural edge of your nail to cut loose hangnails
    • Repeat around the sides of nails as needed on each cuticle
    Step 3
    • Follow by buffing nails to prep for your manicure

    PRO TIP: Make sure to thoroughly prep the cuticle edge & free edge of the nail bed to create a course surface. This will help prevent lifting!

    • Now enjoy that perfectly prepped mani & get excited to create the mani of your dreams