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  • How to Achieve Shiny Nails

    When applying the first coat of Step 3 Activator, be sure to wait 4-5 minutes for the blend of dipping powder and liquid to harden. Tap on the nail to ensure the blend of dip powder and liquid is hard without transferring natural oils from fingertips onto nails.


    When the blend of dip powder has completely hardened, we recommend using a 100/180 coarse grit buffer to achieve your preferred nail thickness then using the 240/280 fine grit foam buffer provided in our kits to finish off smoothing the surface. The more the nails’ surface area is buffed with the 240/280 grit foam buffer, the smoother and shinier nails will appear after applying Step 4 Sealer.


    Use a lint-free cloth saturated with alcohol to wipe the nails clean. Be sure to get every crevice of the nails, including the surface area near the cuticles. Wait a few minutes for the alcohol to dry.


    Apply the second coat of Step 3 Activator. Allow 4-5 minutes for the second coat of Step 3 Activator to penetrate the blend of dip powder before applying Step 4 Sealer in quick thin strokes. Please note you will not need to cover the entire nail with the first coat of Step 4 Sealer as long as the majority of the nail is painted. Be sure not to go over the same area of the nail where Step 4 Sealer has already been applied while on the first coat.


    Due to their responsive nature, please be aware that Step 3 Activator and Step 4 Sealer are extremely temperature sensitive and time-dependent of each other. It is important to stay within the 4-5 minute timeframe. Please keep in mind that the brush used to apply Step 4 Sealer will harden if applied sooner than 4 minutes and nails may have streaks or appear slightly grainy or streaky if applied beyond 5 minutes.


    Wait 3-5 minutes for the first coat of Step 4 Sealer to dry then apply the second coat of Step 4 Sealer as you normally would with regular polish, on the entire nail. Wait 3-5 minutes for nails to fully dry without touching or smudging.