Nail Art Looks & Colors for Showing Off Different Engagement Rings

3 min read

Whether you’re gearing up for the big day, recently got engaged, or simply want to daydream about your future engagement ring manis, we’ve compiled a list of the best shades & nail art looks for diamonds, rubies, opals, & (almost) everything in-between. These nail looks are ideal for every day wear and even special engagement so get to scrolling because your next mani awaits…

Diamonds are dazzling, versatile, and timeless for a reason. This stone allows the wearer ample room to play around with colors and nail art designs. However, if you’re looking for some tried and true looks, then you can’t go wrong with these!

  • A good ol’ French manicure is a hit every. single. time. This look is great in engagement pictures, the big day, and every event in between.
  • This sparkly, clear jelly is a fun way to complement your ring with even more glimmer. JL01 makes the perfect companion on a bachelor/ette trip.
  • Add some subtle fun with a milky white marble look that pushes the envelope (just a bit) of what an engagement mani should look like.

Emerald rings represent hope, luck, peace, & true love in a marriage so it’s no surprise that we’re picking nail looks that are absolutely loved by the DipWell Community.

  • If you want your emerald stone to really pop, opt for a mani in our best-selling red CL06 (aka green’s complementary color).
  • Keep it in the same color fam with PA15, a pale minty green, that’ll create a seamless monochromatic look.
  • Here’s another great marbled look that’ll enhance the green allure of an emerald stone. Who says you have to refrain from nail art with a colorful ring?

Check off “something blue” from the list with a stunning sapphire ring. And if you want to cross off “something borrowed” as well, feel free to “borrow” inspo from these looks.

  • PA24 is the creamiest pastel blue that’ll beautifully show off a sapphire ring all year round.
  • Go royal with CL70, a true blue that’s as deep as your love. Rock this shade on its own or as part of a modern French manicure.
  • Go in the opposite color way with a subtle side French minimalist mani featuring blue’s complementary color - a vibrant orange.

Opal stones make for very fun and unique rings that represent fidelity in a relationship. Once you dip into any of these three shades, you’ll remain faithful to them, too thanks to their beautiful hues and silky smooth powder formula.

  • CL72 is a soft sage green that’ll help bring out the green specks in this stone as it dances in the light.
  • Let the colorful reflects take center stage and go with a milky white mani (like MK01) that’ll expand on opal’s white body tone.
  • Add a little more energy to your ring with a refreshing pastel yellow, like PA22, that’ll intensify any fiery speckles in your stone.

Ruby engagement rings are a vibrant and bold choice that represent passion and love. Complement the deep red color with colors dippers feel very passionately about.

  • When in doubt, bring the color wheel out. Complement a deep red ruby with an equally deep green like CL71.
  • For a mani that’s as fiery as your love (and ring), dip into NE21, a fire engine red that’ll make any ruby stand out.
  • Go soft with a dainty peek-a-boo glitter reverse French mani. Keep the rose gold or sub it for a silver, white, or gold glitter to perfectly complement the ring band.