How To Do Cute Halloween Nails

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It's spooky season, y’all! Time to get creative with your Halloween mani, and we’ve got the Halloween nail inspo you need to imbibe the spirit of this well-loved autumn holiday.

Whether you're going for a romantic Daphne Bridgerton look, a cheeky Harley Quinn style, or one of the many versions of WandaVision characters, you’ll surely find a dip mani in this list to match your costume.

We’ve covered the popular Halloween colors: black, red, purple, green, and orange. We’ve also included the most common Halloween symbols, such as pumpkin, black cat, bats, spiderweb, ghost, skeletons, and more.

Here’s the roundup of the top 10 spooky fabulous Halloween looks from Dipwell dippers that every Sabrina Spellman and Harvey Kinkle will love.

1. Black Halloween Nails

Black is one of the primary spooky colors of Halloween, and you have many options on what to do with it — from dip nails with intricate Halloween details to solid color Halloween mani.

Feeling feline this Halloween? First on the list is a very catty dip nail design. Whether or not you have a leather bodysuit to pair it with, it will surely help you channel your inner Catwoman. Meow! (Get this look by following the Halloween Black Cat Nail Art dip nail tutorial, featuring CL 64 True Black and French White dip powder from Dipwell’s French Essential Collection.)

Here’s another option for the black cat nail design. Mix and match black dip powder with other glittery fall nail colors, such as GL 33 Good Luck Green and NE 19 Burnt Orange dip nail powders for a more festive Halloween look. No bad luck with this dip mani! (Image by Erica Sandoval Urdanivia)

If you are more Morticia Adams than Catwoman, opt for solid color black Halloween acrylic nails. (For a French twist, try matte black nails with glossy tips. How? Watch the easy-to-follow How To Create A Matte French Mani dip nail tutorial, featuring CL 64 True Black dip powder.)

Want to elevate your long, black dip nails? Add a Christian Louboutin-esque sammy-red bottoms on the underside of your nails. Now THIS is one badass set of black Halloween dip nails! If you want a more sparkly version of the onyx shade, try CL 12 Blue, Green, & Black Glitter or GL 17 Black & Gold Glitter. (Image by Irene Soto)

2. Red Halloween Nails

a. Blood drip nails

Although this Halloween manicure is something that Dexter would surely approve of, no humans were harmed in the making of this mani, promise.

If you’re going for the Bride of Chucky or Manic Medic look, let your imagination run red. How do you achieve the perfect Halloween gore? Add some blood splotches on your dip nails using CL 56 Shiraz Red dip powder. (Image by Angie Combs)

Here’s another version of the blood splatter nails that looks straight out of Friday the 13th movie. Recreate this Halloween bloody nail design, featuring CL 31 Deep Burgundy Red, CL 64 True Black, and French White dip nail powders. (Image by Renee L Mana Nee of Dodger Diva Dips)

b. Vamp nails

If you like the look of bloody Halloween nails, but maybe with a little less blood — Count Dracula to the rescue!

Mimic vampire teeth by giving your index finger and pinky finger the stiletto nail shape and applying French White dip nail powder. The detail on this dip mani is Halloween perfection! (Image by Katie Law)

You can also make this simple yet horrifyingly beautiful vampire nails glow in the dark using GW 05 White (day) | Light Green (night) dip nail powder. (Image by Araya Hope Kenworthy)

For va-va-voom vampy nails (without the teeth), learn How To Apply Ombre Dip Nails using CL 6 Fire Engine Red and CL 64 True Black. (The alternative colors you can try to achieve this sexy Halloween look are CL 20 Deep Ruby and CL 40 Deep Wine.)

3. Purple Halloween Nails

Purple is another spooky color in the Halloween palette that’s often associated with witches and wizards. Go with Halloween purple nails to exude mystical and magical vibes.

If you’re not used to pretty bright dip mani, Halloween is the perfect time to be unafraid to step out of your comfort zone. Try these purple dip nails — featuring CL 32 Purple Iris and CL 42 Regalia Purple dip nail powders — and you might just end up loving vivid dip colors. (Image by Katie DeHart.)

Here’s another Halloween nail design that follows a similar color scheme — because purple and black always look great together! Use GL 30 Deep Purple Glitter and GL 17 Black & Gold Glitter dip nail powders from Dipwell’s Glitter Dip Powder Collection. (Image by Connie Kimber)

If you’re already sold on the black and purple Halloween nails pairing, and you want to add some spooky details, bright green and white will surely make your dip nail art stand out. Try NE 12 Neon Green Apple and GW 05 White (day) | Light Green (night) dip powders. FYI: The Jack O’Lantern on this Halloween mani was created using a DIY machine, the Silhouette Cameo. (Image by Rachel Marie)

Want a fuss-free way to get in the Halloween spirit? All you need is the following Halloween nail colors for a simple, solid color dip mani that still spells F-U-N: CL 42 Regalia Purple, NE 11 Neon Orange,  and CL 64 True Black dip nail powders. (Image by Mary Elizabeth Alonso)

4. Princess Halloween Nails

In a world of scary Halloween characters, dressing up as a cheerful and carefree princess and wearing Disney Halloween acrylic nails is always a good idea.

The perfect Halloween dip powder nails are not all about gory effects or moody colors. You can keep your mani fun and playful by doing a set of princessy, pastel dip nails. Think Cinderella or Elsa. Above is a Frozen-inspired gradient Halloween mani, featuring GL 44 Ultra Sparkly White & Silver and PA 19 Blue Lilac dip nail powder from Dipwell’s Pastel Dip Powder Collection. (Image by Kristen Elizabeth)

5. Green Halloween Nails

Green is a versatile Halloween color that represents so many spooky things, such as scary monsters, eerie mist, and ghastly slime. Alien blood, anyone?

This green ombré Halloween dip mani screams “Hocus Pocus!” For a more witchy effect, you can also replace the pumpkin nail stamp with a broomstick or a cauldron. For glittery green dip powder, try GL 24 Forest Green with Multi-dimensional Green Glitter or GL 22 Green with Gold Glitter. (Image by Jo Altheide.)

6. Candy Corn Halloween Nails

This simple Halloween nails requires 3 colors only: white, orange, and yellow. Now you have an excuse to continue wearing bright, summer colors in fall. Win-win!

Candy corn is said to be the most polarizing Halloween treat. But as a Halloween dip manicure, what’s not to love about this yummy-looking nail art, featuring NA 01 Soft White, GL 20 Bright Orange, and NE 05 Dayglo Yellow dip nail powders? (Image byDarlene Flynn)

7. Orange Halloween Nails

Orange is the other primary Halloween color aside from black. It varies from burnt to bright, and it’s often associated with fall foliage, autumn harvest, and Jack O’Lanterns of course.

Trick or treat?! With this dip color — CL 69 Burnt Orange from Dipwell’s Classic Dip Powder Collection — on your fingernails, it’s always a treat! (Image by Adrianne Olson.)

Here’s another multicolor Halloween nail idea you can try that’s super easy to do. It’s a boo-eautiful design, featuring CL 64 True Black and NE 11 Neon Orange & NE 12 Neon Green Apple dip nail powders from Dipwell’s Neon Dip Powder Collection. You can also add some Halloween-themed inscriptions for bonus creative points. (Image by Josie Gardner)

8. Pumpkin Halloween Dip Nail Ideas

No Halloween roundup is complete without the symbol of the spooky season. Did you know that Jack O’Lanterns originated In Ireland? When used in Halloween dip manicures, the result is scary good.

What's a Halloween manicure without a good ol’ pumpkin nail art? For a glamorous Halloween pumpkin look, pair NA 14 Copper Orange with CL 64 True Black dip nail powder and add a pumpkin decal on your accent nail. Btw, aren't you just envious of uber-clean cuticle lines, as pictured above? Refer to How To Heal Beat Up Cuticles and discover how to have the same fab cuticles — just in time for Halloween! (Image by Iliana Buttimer)

Behold the charming Halloween acrylic nails! This cute look was created using NE 19 Burnt Orange, CL 64 True Black, and CL 42 Regalia Purple dip nail powders. The vinyl Jack O’Lantern cutouts were made using a DIY machine, Cricut. (Image by Erica Sandoval Urdanivia)

9. Pink Halloween Nails

When it comes to the scariest season of the year, you don’t normally think pink. But since it’s that time where creativity has no limits, there’s no reason why you can’t wear this non-traditional Halloween color.

Dress up your nails for Halloween with some pop punk goodness à la Avril Lavigne. We’re talking about skulls and bones manicure, but make it pink-themed. For this Halloween look, you would need clear acrylic powder like the Base & Finish dip nail powder. Then add the water decals after the first coat of Step 4 Sealer dip nail liquid. (Image by Aisha L Kamanu-Vicente)

If you don’t want pink on all your Halloween dip nails, you can combine your pink dip powder with other dip colors — orange is one of its great matches! — for a multicolor Halloween mani that looks oh-so-stylish. (Image by Kristen Grey)

If you want to celebrate Halloween with your nails but need something more subtle (like a super pale pink dip powder color), use NA 02 Peachy Sand dip nail powder from Dipwell’s Naturale Dip Powder Collection as a base. Then draw some ghostly Halloween decals and top off your dip mani with a few coats of the Base & Finish dip nail powder. It makes for super cute Halloween dip powder nails! (Image by Kelly King)

10. Glow In The Dark Halloween Dip Nail Ideas

There’s nothing basic about this Halloween dip mani. Why settle for standard spooky nails when you can make your manicure glow? For more glow in the dark spooky dip mani inspo, check out Glow In The Dark Nails For Your Halloween Glow Up.

Want to stand out this Halloween 2021? Feel far out with a glowing mani with alien eyes to boot. For the dip nail tutorial, check out Neon Glow In The Dark Halloween Alien Nails, featuring CL 64 True Black and GW 01 Neon Yellow (day) | Neon Green (night). (Image by Charlotte Penna)

Spice up the pumpkin carving season with GW 02 Highlighter Orange (day) | Melon Pink (night) dip powder. Look at that fantastic glow once you turn the lights off! (Image by Ginelle Davidson)

Get your glow on with this slimy, spooky mani, featuring CL 71 Pine Green and GW 01 Neon Yellow (day) | Neon Green (night) & GW 06 Silver Moon (day) | Sky Blue (night) dip nail powders from Dipwell’s Glow in the Dark Collection. (Image by Liz Voldish)

That glow though! When you pair GW 05 White (day) | Light Green (night) dip nail powder with glow in the dark decal stickers, you double the spookiness of this fun dip mani. See above how it pops in the dark. (Image by Victoria Rios)

Have a spookytacular set of Halloween acrylic nails!

We’ve featured some of Halloween’s favorite iconography, from spiderwebs to skulls and more. But if you can’t decide which Halloween nail art to apply, why not decorate your nails with as many images as you can? And then do a multicolor manicure using all the dark Halloween colors in your dip powder collection. Here’s a dip nail inspo for the dipper who wants everything. (Image by Stacy Mae of Nails by Stacy and SGD Custom Art.)

Plan ahead for the spookiest time of the year!

It’s never too early to be Halloween-ready, girls and ghouls. Now that you have cool ideas for Halloween nails, start prepping today to make sure you nail your creepy chic Halloween look.

We can’t wait to see your costumes and the matching acrylic nails! Share them with us and your fellow dippers over at Facebook (Dipper Club) or Instagram (@dipwellnails). Don’t forget to use our official hashtag: #DoYouDipWell.

Happy stylish Halloween! ​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​