Summer Dip Nails To Wear to a Picnic

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Spring is still here, but summer is right around the corner — including the simple summer nails that go great with picnic baskets, gingham blankets, and all the essentials of the perfect summer picnic.

So if you're already looking forward to the summer activities that you finally get to do again, add this guide to the best picnic nails and picnic themes to your must-plan list.

Picnic themes for your next summer outing (plus, the picnic nails to match 'em!)

1. The Classic Picnic

If you don't want to overthink prepping for a picnic, stick to the basics. Here's a checklist of all the summer picnic essentials. Choose which items you need the most, and you're good to go. At the end of the day, it's all about enjoying your time communing with nature, be it a solo picnic or a group picnic. At the very least, you'll only need a picnic blanket to sit on and a picnic basket to hold your food. That's it. No blanket? No problem. There may be local parks in your area that have picnic tables available for anybody to use.

You don't have to overthink picking a picnic-perfect dip powder shade, too. Simply grab a color from Dipwell's Classic Dip Powder Collection and go dipping.


For a timeless dip mani to match a classic picnic, follow the How to Create Plaid Dip Nails tutorial, featuring CL66 Sunflower Yellow, CL68 Dirty Dijon, and CL70 True Blue from Dipwell's Classic Collection.


Waterproof Picnic Mat (also available in pink). More picnic blanket options at Etsy.

Go for the classic summer dip nails look with CL6 Fire Engine Red. Image by @e_stephanails.

Redmon Woven Basket. More picnic basket options at Etsy.

Grass is always greener with CL71 Pine Green. Image by⁠.

2. The Vintage-inspired Picnic

This blast-from-the-past picnic theme is probably the kind of picnic Taylor Swift would go for, what with its cottagecore vibes. What must-have items should you buy to create a unique vintage picnic experience? Let this guide inspire you on your shopping trip.

And to help you achieve your best vintage look, choose any vintage nail designs, such as moon manicure, cherry manicure, or polka dots manicure, and then dip into Dipwell's Naturale Dip Powder Collection.


For a retro dip powder nail art to match a vintage picnic, follow the Abstract Polka Dot Nail Art Mani tutorial, featuring one of the most popular colors from Dipwell's Naturale Collection: NA23 Buff Shade.


The neutral tones in this spring picnic give it vintage vibes. Image by Could I Have That.

An elegant dip nail color like NA18 Rose-tinted Taupe goes well with a vintage-themed picnic. Image by @idippeditagain.

Vintage wicker basket. More picnic basket options at Etsy.

Match your picnic basket with NA19 Rosey-burnt Peach summer dip nails. Image by @dippedbyjroy.

3. The French Picnic

Can't travel to France this summer? Bust out your French linens, pack a bottle of fine wine and French-inspired picnic food, and pick a scenic spot with a relaxing ambience that transports you to the French Countryside. If you want to channel your Parisian self instead, choose a picnic location by a river or a lake and imagine yourself picnicking along the Seine river (sans the view of the Eiffel Tower).

Whichever kind of French picnic you prefer, you can never go wrong matching your French picnic outfit with simple summer nails and any of the dip powders from Dipwell's French Essential Collection.


For the perfect mani to match a French picnic, follow the How to Apply a Dip French Mani tutorial, featuring Sheer Pink and French White from Dipwell's French Essential Collection.


A French-themed picnic is always a good idea. Image by Katie Rose Watson of The Rose Table.

It's a French mani with an ombré twist (aka The French Fade or Baby Boomer), featuring Midnight Pink⁠. Image by @pamperedandpolished_.

A basketful of must-have items for either a French Countryside or Parisian picnic. Image by Olive & Cocoa.

The traditional French manicure, featuring French White⁠. Image by @eddi1029.

4. The Coachella Picnic

If your inner bohemian rock star prefers a more over the top picnic, a music and arts festival theme is your best bet. You can borrow some ideas from Coachella-themed parties and apply them to your own picnic. Think flowers and pillows and music to get your groove on. This is absolutely no basic picnic.

And what's a Coachella picnic without the glitter? Good thing you have many shimmery options from Dipwell's Glitter Dip Powder Collection.


For glittery summer dip nails to match a Coachella picnic, follow the Pink & Blue Color Block Nail Art tutorial, featuring GL42 Medium Blue with Fine-grain Glitter from Dipwell's Glitter Collection.


For the perfect Coachella picnic, set the picnic table with boho-themed plates, napkins, and cutlery. Image by This Worthey Life.

Make your summer dip mani sparkle with GL44 Ultra-sparkly White & Silver⁠. Image by @rachel.elizabeth127⁠.

This #BACHELLAPARTY is a blast! Take some notes for your own Coachella picnic. Image by Alexandria Monette.

Flash your Coachella-ready summer dip nails with GL40 Cool-toned Purple with Turquoise Glitter. Image by @kcol.nails⁠.

5. The Rainbow Picnic

As the name suggests, this picnic is all about colors. Lots of 'em. It's definitely not for the monochrome lovers. How do you incorporate as many colors as you can into a rainbow picnic? One way is to prep the perfect summer fruit salad with colorful ingredients. Another way is to bring fresh cut flowers in various colors. (Here's your guide to buying yourself flowers.)

Then give your summer dip nails a colorful glow up with Dipwell's Neon Dip Powder Collection.


For a bright and colorful mani to match a rainbow-themed picnic, follow the Neon French Tips on Almond Nails tutorial, featuring NE16 Highlighter Neon Yellow from Dipwell's Neon Collection.


It's an explosion of color in this abundant spread of fruit and flowers. Image by Camille Styles.

This versatile dip nail art (featuring NE14 Bright Coral) can either be spring dip nails or summer dip nails. Image by @dip_tasha_dip.

A rainbow of colors in a refreshing bowl of summer fruit salad. Image by Meghan Yager for Foodal.

Add this neon dip powder color to the mix for a super bright rainbow picnic: NE16 Highlighter Neon Yellow. Image by @happynaildays.

6. The Dairy-free Picnic

This summer picnic is for our darling dippers who want to do a dairy-free detox from all that pandemic eating. It excludes all dairy products, including cheese, yogurt, butter, and cream. But just because milk products are banned from this picnic, it doesn't mean you can't have delicious picnic food. Here are some dairy-free picnic recipes for you to try.

And just because you don't have milk on your food doesn't mean you can't have milk-inspired color on your summer dip nails. Check out all your milky options from Dipwell's Milky Dip Powder Collection.


No animals were harmed in the making of this tutorial: Milk Bath Nails with Milky Dip Powder, featuring MK01 Milky White, MK03 Milky Blue, MK05 Milky Purple, and MK07 Milky Pink from Dipwell's Milky Collection.


Dairy-free white peach pink drink for a dairy-free picnic. Image by Stash.

The prettiest and milkiest short dip nails, featuring MK08 Milky Pink with Glitter. Image by @iliketotalkblog.

Dairy-free purple sweet potato pie to satisfy your sweet tooth. Image by Tasty.

Sweet-looking milky dip nails in MK05 Milky Purple and MK06 Milky Purple with Glitter. Image by @blissfulbeauty4you.

7. The Pastel Picnic

It's like The Rainbow Picnic but make it pastel. There are many ways to showcase different pastel shades on your picnic. You can bake pastel-colored picnic treats from donuts to macaroons or use pastel-colored picnic essentials from blankets to utensils. You can also mark your picnic spot with pastel balloons. Sounds super Instagrammable to us!

To complete the whimsical ambiance, don a pastel picnic outfit and match it with a pastel shade from Dipwell's Pastel Dip Powder Collection.


You certainly don't want raindrops to keep fallin' on your head during a picnic. But when it comes to your summer dip manicure? Raindrop Nails is the way to go. Follow this 3D Water Drop Nail Art tutorial, featuring PA03 Bright Periwinkle from Dipwell's Pastel Collection.


Pretty in pastel pink picnic outfit. Image by Blissfully Brooke.

PA14⁠ Pink Neutral for a stylish pastel picnic. Image by @mamabird_nails⁠.

Pastel and chambray is a match made in picnic heaven. Image by Luna of Living Petite.

PA21 Robin's Egg Blue is the perfect muted color for a pastel picnic.

8. The Nighttime Picnic

Sunlight isn't required in this picnic. Only a sunshiny disposition that makes for an enjoyable evening out. Get creative! You have several options to make this a magical night to remember with your family, your friends, or your boo. For example: plan a lineup of glow in the dark games or even glow in the dark food.

And, you guessed it, you can even have a glow in the dark mani using the dip powder from Dipwell's Glow In The Dark Dip Powder Collection.


For glow in the dark nails to match a nighttime picnic, follow the Electric Sky Cloud Design tutorial, featuring GW04 Light Blue (day) and Electric Blue (night) and GW05 White (day) and Light Green (night) from Dipwell's Glow In The Dark Collection.


An oh so romantic evening picnic will earn you brownie points from your sweetheart. Image by Picturesque Picnics.

Glow up with GW04 Light Blue (day) and Electric Blue (night) and GW06⁠ Silvery Moon Dust (day) and Sky Blue (night). Image by

Miss going to the movies? Us, too! So why not host a movie night in your own backyard? Image by Mobile Bay Magazine.

Glow in multicolor with GW04 Light Blue (day) and Electric Blue (night) and GW06⁠ Silvery Moon Dust (day) and Sky Blue (night). Image by @_kates.nails_⁠.

Ready to up your picnic game? Go all out and follow a theme including the summer dip mani that matches it. But first things first, some friendly reminders...

How to prep the perfect picnic

  1. Check the weather forecasts: Don't let the rain or pollen put a damper on your picnic day. Refer to your trusty weather app so you can plan around a potential gloomy weather. Got seasonal allergies? Pollen trackers are helpful in letting you know when it's best to stay indoors due to high pollen count.
  2. Choose an ideal picnic location: Backyard barbecues are always fun, but you can also venture out to other picturesque places, such as lakes, beaches, or parks. Google the best picnic spots in your area or use the U.S. National Park Service's Find A Park web page to plan your visit.
  3. Create a list of fun picnic activities: Here's a list of picnic games to get you started with your planning. There's something for kids, for adults, for everybody in the group. If you simply want to lounge around and bask in the sun while munching on snacks, that's totally fine, too.

Celebrate International Picnic Day in style with summer dip nails

It's looking like Summer 2021 is gonna be a whole lot different compared to last year.

(Psst! Are you fully vaccinated already? CDC recently eased the mask restrictions. Meaning, you can resume your pre-pandemic activities in most situations. Hooray!)

It's always wise to continue your post-pandemic life with caution (especially when you're in a crowded public space), but life is indeed getting prettier as a picnic.

If it wasn't warm enough where you were back in April 23 for National Picnic Day, you get another chance to celebrate this fun summer activity on June 19, which marks the International Picnic Day. You have exactly a month to prepare — using this guide on how to plan a summer picnic + simple summer nails — to make your family picnic or friends picnic an unforgettable and stylish one.

Share your pretty picnic pics with us at DipWell's Dipper Club on Facebook or @dipwellnails on Instagram. Don't forget to use our official hashtag: #DoYouDipWell.