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  • Transition into Fall: Colorful Manis that Change with the Season

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    Transition into Fall: Colorful Manis that Change with the Season

    Thousands of tourists book trips every Autumn to see foliage blaze with color. But you don’t have to fight traffic and pay high prices to enjoy colors this season. You can create a great Fall color-scape right on your nails.

    Whether your style is full-on glam, or more subtle, we’ve got multicolor looks you’ll love. 

     Naturale Color Powders | DipWell

    Fall is a transitional season. 

    We’re leaving behind the bright neons of summer, but we’re not quite in the holiday season yet.

    That doesn’t mean Fall isn’t festive though - from football tailgates, to office costume parties, to Thanksgiving gatherings, there are a lot of opportunities to show off a great manicure.

    At the same time, sometimes you want to tone things down for a minute. But toned down doesn’t have to mean boring. We love keeping manicures interesting with monochrome and neutral multicolor manicures.

    Whether you are all about orange and black, black and white, bright primaries, or neutrals, we have a color scheme custom-designed to match your Autumn style.

    DipWell acrylic powders give you ultra glossy, durable manis that will last as long as you need them to.

    Even better, these multi-color manis are super easy to DIY. In fact, you can build your own DipWell kit with your top fall shades. Already have a few of these? Browse our guide  to spark ideas for a new powder you can pick out this season, and pair with the dip powders already in your collection.

    Sweater Weather

    These soft shades ease the transition from summer to fall, and fall to winter. They’re as comfy as a warm cashmere pullover, and as cozy as a mug of hot cider. 

    Start with the soft gray of brand new dip powder NA-24, then move on to classic beige NA-11, and bring things in a rosy direction with NA-27 and NA-26. 

    The final step? Get ready for a lot of compliments. 

    Dip Nail Color Powder NA24 | DipWell Dip Nail Color Powder NA11 | DipWell Dip Nail Color Powder NA27 | DipWell Dip Nail Color Powder NA26 | DipWell Dip Nail Color Powder NA28 | DipWell

    Fall Brights

    Fall is when nature shows off. Why shouldn’t you? These ultra bright fall colors echo the Autumn landscape, distilled into the boldest, punchiest, shades.

    Limiting the look to three dip powders keeps it from going over the top. These bright primaries make a bold statement and show personality. Embrace the zany side of this season with fun nails. 

    Start with a sunshine-y orange: NE-11. Then ultra-bright yellow NE-10 that echos Birch leaves in September, followed by NE-21, an ultra-clear red shade. 

    Dip Nail Color Powder NE10 | DipWell Dip Nail Color Powder NE11 | DipWell Dip Nail Color Powder NE21 | DipWell

    Nature’s Ombre

    Echo Mother Nature’s palette with these rich, delicate shades. Arrange them in an ombre pattern, or mix them up for a more playful look.

    From the apricot of NE-8 to the scarlet of NE-21, these colors make a gorgeous fall manicure. NE-4 brings to mind the sweetness of candy corn, while NE-19 and NE-13 are a perfect match for fall’s ultimate confetti - falling maple leaves.

    Dip Nail Color Powder NE8 | DipWell Dip Nail Color Powder NE4 | DipWell Dip Nail Color Powder NE19 | DipWell Dip Nail Color Powder NE13 | DipWell Dip Nail Color Powder NE21 | DipWell

    Harvest Moon Neutrals

    Warm neutrals that pull together the best of fall. Just because you prefer more conservative colors doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate with seasonal nails. 

    This multi-color mani works perfectly with sweater dresses and suede booties. Perfect for every day at the office, and Thanksgiving dinner with the in-laws.

    Light gray and beige mix with a deeper gray to bring a sophisticated feeling to the palette.

    CL-18 is a delicious deep plum.  Add the deep black CL-64 for an edgier vibe, or exclude it for a softer look.

    Dip Nail Color Powder NA27 | DipWell Dip Nail Color Powder NA19 | DipWell Dip Nail Color Powder CL64 | DipWell Dip Nail Color Powder CL18 | DipWell Dip Nail Color Powder CL63 | DipWell

    Multi Color Dip Powder Nails | DipWell

    October Glam

    Whether you’re headed to work, or dressing for a Halloween dinner party, sometimes you need a manicure that bridges the gap between elegance and camp. 

    We’ve taken the classic black and orange and paired them with white and gray glittery shades that pull together a glam look that works all fall. 

    Our glitter dip powder collection lends us most of these shades - they’ll sparkle in both daylight and candlelight. 

    Our CL 12 is a more subtle shimmery black that makes a statement without stealing the spotlight. 

    Dip Nail Color Powder CL12 | DipWell Dip Nail Color Powder GL45 | DipWell Dip Nail Color Powder GL44 | DipWell Dip Nail Color Powder GL29 | DipWell

    Whether you go full in on Orange or keep it bared back with neutrals, don’t miss the chance to celebrate with fun dip nails this Fall. 

    For more fun Fall mani ideas, see Fall Activities & The Manis to Match. And if you’re new to dip manicures, learn more about the difference between gel and dip manicures and browse our online dip mani tutorials.