The Complete Guide To Spring 2021 Nail Trends

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Spring is coming! And we've curated the top spring nail design ideas that'll take you through the first day of spring until summer solstice.

Yes, lovelies. Spring has not yet sprung, but it's never too early to start prepping for a full season of florals, pastels, and playful twists on classic manis.

Need spring dip nails inspo for the next holiday? We got it covered in this spring 2021 nail trends guide.

  • Transition manis for the winter-to-spring and spring-to-summer days
  • Floral manis to welcome the spring season
  • Pastel mismatched manis for Easter
  • Earthy nails for Earth Day
  • Pretty-in-pink barbie nails for the Kentucky Oaks season
  • Lovely lilac manis for both Lilac Sunday and Mother's Day
  • Patriotic manis to commemorate Memorial Day

So mark your shopping calendar for spring 2021 nail colors and bookmark this guide for when it's time to plan your next dip powder manicure session for salon-quality nails at home.

1. Winter To Spring Transition Mani

Spring equinox is on March 20. But first things first, if you're more of a winter lover that's not ready for a spring fling, this look is for you. Here are the transitional manis—nail colors for March 2021—that retain the feels of a crisp winter day and get you excited for a warmer weather.

Colored French tips, neon style!

Still attached to winter's moody mani? A little hint of neon will ease you into the upcoming brighter season.

DipWell Acrylic Powders: NE16 (Neon Yellow) and NA23 (Buff Shade)

Dip Mani Tutorial: Neon Colored French Tips on Almond Nails

Natural nails but make it fashion

This is for those who can't 100% commit to cute spring nail designs just yet. You can go for the au naturel style and make your nail beds naturally striking with a dramatic pink shade.

DipWell Acrylic Powder: Midnight Pink

Image by Dipper Club member Edditha Hiengphothichack (@eddi1029): "This is 4 layers of MIDNIGHT PINK and I love it. I was going to do two but it looked too sheer for me."

A color for all seasons

You can always depend on the vibrant red shade that looks good on you year round. It's not just one of the spring 2021 nail trends. It's an all-season go-to that never goes out of style.

DipWell Acrylic Powder: CL36 (Peachy Red)

Image by Dipper Club member Gretchen Schock: "I gave myself a dip manicure CL-36 and then took the dogs for a walk and spotted my first dandelion! Bring on Spring!!!!"

2. Spring Floral Mani

Florals for spring? Maybe not as groundbreaking as cow nails, milk nails, smiley face nails, evil eye nails, or other nail colors for spring 2021, but it will always be a spring favorite. Here, we take inspiration from two major spring events for a modern-day version of the floral trend: National Cherry Blossom Festival and May Day.

National Cherry Blossom Festival is a spring celebration in Washington, D.C. For this year, they're predicting the peak bloom period as April 2 - 5.

French ombré with a floral accent

Nothing says spring like fresh, pink blossoms, and this flower-inspired ombré on square nail shape is no exception.

DipWell Acrylic Powders: French White and Sheer Pink

Image by Dipper Club member Ann Melissa (@mesar1078): "So I did two coats of Base & Finish. Then used an eye makeup brush and dusted the white on. Tapped off excess and then dipped in sheer pink. Did this twice. I then covered with another coat of B&F. Then followed final steps."

Blooming pink marble mani

This blush pink twist on marble manicure reminds us of a bed of pink and white flowers that scream "Springtime!"

DipWell Acrylic Powders: NA15 (Bubblegum Pink), PA01 (Cool Pink), French White

Dip Mani Tutorial: Rose Quartz Nails

Encapsulated spring flower mani

Lock down this spring style by encapsulating dried flowers in an accent nail and matching the petals with the rest of your dip powder mani color.

DipWell Acrylic Powders: French White, Sheer Pink, and a mix of NE21 (Deep Scarlet) + NE3 (Sherbert Orange)

Image by Dipper Club member Liz Voldish: "Did my first encapsulated flower mani today and tried the scrub ombre technique! I used a fluffy eyeshadow brush, I think a stubbier one would have made the ombre brighter."

In Europe, the change of season is usually celebrated on May 1 with flowers, dancing, and Maypoles. In the US, May Day ceremonies vary from region to region.

Blue blossom and butterfly nails

There's nothing sad about this cheery mani. A glittery, blue flower garden for our spring 2021 nails? Pretty please with a butterfly on top!

DipWell Acrylic Powders: PA18 (Light Teal), GL44 (White & Silver Glitter), and Natural Pink under the dried flower and butterflies

Image by Dipper Club member Katherine Alejandra Zambrano: "It’s a really pretty blue! Gives me Tiffany blue vibes."

Stunning sunflower nails

Think black and white are not spring shades? Think again. It's the perfect complement for springy yellow flowers.

DipWell Acrylic Powder: CL52 (Gold)

Image by Dipper Club member Crystal Griffith: "It has such a beautiful shimmer that is hard to capture in photos!! You'll love it!!"

3. Pastel Mismatched Mani

The mismatched mani trend is still going strong. The best part about it? You can choose random shades from your robust dip powder manicure collection.

This time, we're combining it with another classic spring trend: the pastel mani. And what better way to show off this trendy combo than during the most colorful spring holiday.

Easter is always held on the first Sunday after the first full moon of spring. And that's April 4 this 2021.

Muted pastel mani

This is what pastel dreams are made of! It's the perfect Easter mani on gorgeous, super long nails that's worth flaunting.

DipWell Acrylic Powders: French WhiteMidnight Pink

Image by Dipper Club member Gigi Gergana: "I think this is my best mani yet. "

Pastel French mani with gold accent

Wear the Easter egg shades on your spring 2021 nails. But instead of applying them in solid color, give the mismatched style an extra edgy vibe by coloring your nail tips only.

DipWell Acrylic Powders: PA1 (Cool Pink), PA5 (Light Blue), PA6 (Light Violet), PA15 (Light Green), PA19 (Light Periwinkle), and Natural Pink

Dip Mani Tutorial: Pastel Colored French Tips

Gorgeous gradient in pastel shades

It's another springy twist on the pastel trend. Just mix 'em all together, like an explosion of colors in a delightful Easter bouquet.

DipWell Acrylic Powders: PA1 (Cool Pink), PA4 (Light Coral Pink), PA16 (Seafood Green), PA18 (Light Teal), PA19 (Light Periwinkle), and PA20 (Light Orange)

Dip Mani Tutorial: Pastel Gradient Mani

4. Earthy Mani

For this year's spring season, we're going green. Yay to Mother Nature giving us dip powder manicure inspo while showering us with spring goodness. This acrylic dip manicure is perfect for pre-spring St. Patrick's Day, springtime Earth Day, and beyond. (Earth Day should be everyday tbh.)

Founded in 1970, Earth Day is celebrated annually on April 22 to drive positive action for our planet.

Leafy green mani

Spring nail art ideas alert! For your ideal lush look, you can add either the four-leaf lucky clover nail art or the traditional three-leaf clover (aka shamrock), which is an ancient symbol for the “rebirth of spring”.

DipWell Acrylic Powders: CL2 (Leafy Green) and French White

Dip Mani Tutorial: St. Patrick's Day Nails

Jade marble mani

It's said that jade carries the energy of the Earth and nature... and now you can have the look of this healing crystal on your spring 2021 nails, too—in marbleized style!

DipWell Acrylic Powders: PA15 (Light Green), PA16 (Seafood Green), and French White

Dip Mani Tutorial: Jade Mani

Glow-in-the-dark French Mani

Another take on the classic French mani. Go for the glow that mimics Mother Nature's whimsical lights. Like the aurora but in dip mani form.

DipWell Acrylic Powders: A mix of PA15 (Light Green), some neon/glow in the dark green, and a bit of glitter

Image by Dipper Club member Tara Nixon Cox: "I got inspired by some custom mixes I’d seen and thought I’d try that out! It’s kinda fun, even on my stubby nails! It turned into a pretty fun mint that still glows in the dark."

5. Pretty in Pink Barbie Nails

This yummy-looking trend is a nod to the Kentucky Oaks where attendees are encouraged to wear pink—from hats to handkerchiefs, suits to sundresses, sunglasses to stilettos—to raise awareness for women's health issues.

Kentucky Oaks is the female-horses-only race that takes place a day before its more famous counterpart, the Kentucky Derby. It's scheduled for April 30 this year.

Pink heart French tips

What we have here is another 2-in-1 nail trend: heart-tipped French manicure and gradient nails. Because why settle for one when you could have two!

DipWell Acrylic Powder: PA1 (Cool Pink)

Dip Mani Tutorial: Pink Gradient Nails

Pink glitter mani

You heart spring? Us, too! Show your love for all things spring with encapsulated nails featuring glittery heart nail art.

DipWell Acrylic Powder: PA14 (Pink Neutral)

Dip Mani Tutorial: Heart Glitter Mani

Double accent mani

Too precious for words! This pink-themed cute spring nails has the "cool girl spring" vibes, with twice the accent nail for maximum adorableness.

DipWell Acrylic Powder: PA1 (Cool Pink)

Image by Dipper Club member Hiba Issa: "Do you have an unexpected color you come back to over and over again? Mine is PA-01. It just makes me smile whenever I see it."

6. Lovely Lilac Mani

Not to be left out of this spring nail colors 2021 guide is the perennial favorite spring shade. Match your lilac mani with the flower of the same name, especially when it's in full bloom in the middle of spring.

Lilac Sunday is always celebrated on the second Sunday of May. Just like Mother's Day!

Lilac nails with a pop of glitter

You'd be delighted with this playful periwinkle that's perfectly paired with a glittery accent nail for added whimsy.

DipWell Acrylic Powders: PA19 (Light Periwinkle) and GL16 (Multi-color Glitter)

Image by Dipper Club member Grace Wolfe: "Square shorties with PA-19 and GL-16 as the accent nail."

Glitter-packed lilac nails

It's a full-on glitter look for those who mean business and want to go all-in on the whole glitter thing during spring.

DipWell Acrylic Powders: GL21 (Deep Lilac) and French White

Image by Dipper Club member Heather Weis: "Mixed french white and gl 21 to make this pretty lilac color. "

Pretty pastel glitter mani

Wear a pop of color and a sprinkle of sparkle to stand out against the backdrop of lush spring greenery

DipWell Acrylic Powders: PA6 (Light Violet) and GL27 (Iridescent Glitter)

Image by Dipper Club member Layla Dominguez: "My manicure I did with my first order of DipWell! Inspired by one of their Instagram posts. "

7. Patriotic Mani

This can take you from Memorial Day and Flag Day in the spring to the Fourth of July and Labor Day in the summer. Recreate these multi-use Stars and Stripes-inspired dip nail manicures and hit four birds with one spring nail design.

Memorial Day is celebrated annually on the last Monday in May. It tends to mark the unofficial start of the summer.

Multicolor mani in various shades of red, white, and blue

This is the perfect spring nail trend to try to achieve the patriotic-themed look. And that flag accent mani? Nailed it!

Image by Dipper Club member Jessica Anne

Glossy and glittery multi-finish mani

Not only can you do the multicolor trend for that American flag vibes, you can mix it up with the multi-finish trend, too.

DipWell Acrylic Powders: CL6 (Scarlet Red), GL44 (White & Silver Glitter), and a mix of CL49 (Midnight Blue) and PA16 (Seafood Green)

Image by Dipper Club member Kati Knapp

8. Spring To Summer Transition Mani

All spring things must come to an end on June 20. And when it does, end it with a bang with these summer solstice-themed manis.

Ombré summer nails

The perfect style that'll help you gradually bid goodbye to spring pastels and say hello to summer neon nails.

DipWell Acrylic Powders: GL23 (Neon with Blue-green Glitter), CL15 (Monarch Orange), NE17 (Bright Pink)

Dip Mani Tutorial: Summer Sunset Look

DipWell Acrylic Powders: CL67 (Sophisticated Saffron) and NE11(Neon Orange)

Image by Dipper Club member Jazmin Ortiz: "Had my first attempt at tips and ombré. I used nail glue and did two coats base/finish, two coats color, one coat base/finish."

Now, that's 8 reasons to get excited for spring!

Keep these cute spring nail ideas in mind when planning your looks for spring nails 2021. And as this season is all about renewal, go for bold and experiment with different spring nail art designs. Got more nail color ideas for spring? Share your acrylic spring nails at DipWell's Dipper Club on Facebook or @dipwellnails on Instagram. Don't forget to use our official hashtag: #DoYouDipWell.