Grey & Yellow Dip Nail Ideas For 2021 + More Nail Colors For The New Year

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Wave hello to the nail color trends you'll be seeing everywhere in 2021. From Pantone's color duo of the year to classic nail colors that are here to stay, these are our nail color recommendations to keep you on-trend this 2021.


1. Ultimate Grey

For 2021, Pantone opted for the marriage of two complementary colors that symbolize resilience and hope. One of the two 'it colors' is ultimate grey—solid, dependable, and reassuring. And in times like these, boy, do we need a trending nail color that evokes feelings of composure, steadiness, and resilience.

Try on Dipwell's ultimate grey collection and find your signature shade of "rock solid".


2. Vibrant Yellow

The second Pantone color of the year 2021 is vibrant yellow (aka Illuminating). When you pair this burst-of-sunshine, optimistic color with ultimate grey, you exude a message of happiness supported by fortitude. Because we just need to feel like everything's gonna be alright, you know?

Look at these collections. Look how they shine for you. Yeah, they're all yellow.🎵


3. Feel-good Green

It's like Billie Eilish's hair, but way toned-down. Why go for the muted version? Celebrity nail artist, Elle, explained to Allure, "Celebrities gravitate towards these colors for red carpets, cover looks, and everyday wear because they complete any look without a glaring statement. They are also calming colors that have a feel-good mood."

But if you'd rather choose a deeper forest green color for a more chic look, we have that shade in our green collection, too.


4. "Nude" Brown

Elegant soft browns are perfect not only for fall and winter, but are also expected to continue to be a heavy hitter throughout the year. Versatile, indeed!

For an extra oomph on your nude brown nails, choose either the classic or glitter colors in these brown collections.

And because "nude" isn't a single color, we offer a wide spectrum of nude powders in our Naturale Collection to celebrate our beautiful skin tones, with more shades coming soon.

By the way, if you truly want bare nails, that's great, too! Just don't skimp on your nail care. Apply Cuticle Drops so your nails still look polished and presentable.


5. Hot Pink

We may not have a crystal ball that could predict the exact future, but we're confident that shades of pink will remain every bit as popular in 2021. "Pinks were a popular choice amongst designers this season, so I expect them to have a moment [this] year," says the Oprah Magazine color forecast.

For the new year, browse our pink collection and go bold with this beloved classic color.

Now, how do you style our top 5 nail color ideas for 2021?

Here are a few options (with tutorials to boot). Hint: It's all about upgraded basics.

1. French mani (with a twist)

Nail experts predict that the updated French manicure is coming in hot this year. Lucky for you, we've already created some tutorials that pair rich colors rather than the classic white tip you're familiar with.

Pastel french mani with gold accent featuring colors from DipWell's Pastel Collection

Neon tip Neon tip mani featuring colors from DipWell's Naturale and Neon Collections

2. Minimal nail art

Simple nail designs are also in their nail forecast for 2021, especially with the resurgence of DIYers among nail aficionados.

Minimalist french tip dot nail art featuring colors from DipWell's Naturale and Neon Collections

Abstract polka dot nail art featuring colors from DipWell's Naturale Collection

3. Negative space

All is positive with the negative space technique. And we love how these soft, comfy pastel shades work together to give this mani a cool, polished edge.

Multi-color negative space nails featuring colors from DipWell's Pastel Starter Kit

Negative space nails featuring colors from DipWell's Classic Collection

That's all for our fearless color forecast for 2021. Hop aboard the trend train before everyone else does!

Did we miss your favorite color? Or nail design? Share your big and bold predictions for the year ahead. Head over to DipWell's Dipper Club or tag us on Instagram @dipwellnails and use our official hashtag #DoYouDipWell.