Nails To Match Your Birthstone

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New year, new dip nail inspo!

To start 2022 right, you can never go wrong with matching your nails with your birthstone.

Now, if you're still wondering, "What is my birthstone?" —  there are many ways to know this.

The most common way is to identify the gemstone associated with your birth month.

You can also look for the alternative birthstones based on your birth day or birth hour, your zodiac sign, and even your guardian angel.

For the purpose of giving you inspiration for your next dip manicure session, we've curated the following nail color swatches + inspo to match your birthstone based on your birth month.

If you see more than one birthstone under your category, it means your traditional birthstone (based on the 16th-18th century chart) is different from your modern birthstone (based on the 1912 chart). But the more options, the merrier!

So, let's set the feel of having glamorous-as-gemstones nails and year ahead, shall we?

January Birthstone Dip Nails: Gorgeous Garnet

When you think of garnet, do you always think of the color red? That's the traditional color everybody's familiar with. But this semiprecious gemstone actually comes in a rainbow of hues: orange, pink, green, black and honey brown.

In both traditional and modern charts, the birthstone of those born in the month of January is the red garnet, which is commonly associated with love and relationships — including second wedding anniversary celebrations!

(Top) Limited Edition Ember Glow Red (Bottom) CL6 Fire Engine Red and GL37 Rich Red with Glitter dip powders

February Birthstone Dip Nails: Amazing Amethyst

This birthstone is born to be royal, what with its purple color that was once reserved for kings and queens only.

Amethyst is usually associated with courage. It's also said that the wearer of this semiprecious gemstone will benefit from its cleansing and healing properties. Having a bad day? Amethyst might just be able to banish your bad mood!

If you're not a February baby, but you're celebrating your sixth wedding anniversary, this is also the birthstone-inspired dip nail color for you!

(Top) GL40 Cool-toned Purple (Bottom) CL42 Regalia Purple and CL32 Purple Iris dip powders from the Classic Collection

(For an amethyst-inspired marble nail art refer to this easy-to-follow crystal mani tutorial featuring our iconic marbling technique.)

March Birthstone Dip Nails: Queenly Aquamarine | Beautiful Bloodstone

Not to be outdone by amethyst is the aquamarine — the semiprecious gemstone that has graced the hands of Princess Diana (the ring was since passed on to Meghan Markle).

The name aquamarine came from the Latin for 'seawater'. No wonder this birthstone symbolizes tranquility and serenity.

Another March birthstone is the bloodstone — a dark green semiprecious gemstone with blood-like spots (hence its name) that symbolizes strength.

(Top) PA21 Pacific Blue (Bottom) PA12 French Blue and PA17 Translucent Blue-Gray dip powders from the Pastel Collection

(Top) CL71 Pine Green (Bottom) CL74 Deep Olive Green and GL33 Good Luck Green dip powders

April Birthstone Dip Nails: Dazzling Diamond

Diamond is the most precious out of all the birthstones!

And there's another reason why this gemstone is the top choice for engagement rings or other wedding accessories: it symbolizes eternal love. 💍

Celebrating your tenth or sixtieth wedding anniversary? These diamond-inspired dip powders would look great on your accent nail. Or do a complete set if you want to, you know, shine bright like a diamond.

(Top) Limited Edition Aspen Dream White (Bottom) Limited Edition Winter Disco Silver and Clear Jelly Glitter dip powders from the Jelly Collection

May Birthstone Dip Nails: Entrancing Emerald

The color of this precious gemstone, when applied to your dip powder nails, will leave everyone feeling green with envy.

Due to emerald's lush shade, it's usually associated with rebirth and best worn during the spring season.

But hey, no one's stopping you from sporting this color year-round. Channel your inner Cleopatra anytime you want — legend has it that emerald is one of her favorites!

Don't forget it's the twentieth and thirty fifth wedding anniversary gemstone, too.

(Top) GL24 Emerald Green (Bottom) Limited Edition Faux Fir Green and GL35 Key Lime Green dip powders

June Birthstone Dip Nails: Alluring Alexandrite | Precious Pearl

Alexandrite is a color-changing birthstone that looks green by day and red by night. (Think of the chameleon dip powders from Dipwell's Glow in the Dark Collection.)

It's said that this rare, semiprecious gemstone brings good fortune.

The other June birthstone is the pearl. Although pearls are available in various colors, the birthstone is the white variety, and it symbolizes purity.

(Top) GW06 Day: Silvery Moon Dust | Night: Sky Blue from the Glow In The Dark Collection (Bottom) GL38 Intergalactic Shade dip powders

(Top) NA01 Ultra Soft White (Bottom) GL28 White Sparkles and GL11 Snow White dip powders

July Birthstone Dip Nails: Radiant Ruby

Ruby is one of the only four precious gemstones in this list. In fact, ancient Hindus call it the king of precious stones.

With the rich color of this birthstone on your dip mani, your nails are going to look as expensive as Burmese rubies that usually fetch millions of dollars.

This radiant red gemstone is usually associated with power and passion, including fifteenth, fortieth, and eightieth wedding anniversary celebrations.

(Top) GL39 Sparkly Red (Bottom) CL45 Berry Red and CL5 Ruby Red Grapefruit dip powders

August Birthstone Dip Nails: Pretty Peridot | Super Spinel | Sassy Sardonyx

Lucky August babies have three dip powder shades to choose from to match their birthstones: green, red, and brown.

Pick one that best suits your personality. Want to use all birthstone colors for your dip mani? That's cool, too. You can do an easy multicolor mani like in this French tips tutorial.

And what does each semiprecious birthstone symbolize? Peridot is commonly associated with harmony. Spinel represents longevity. Sardonyx is said to provide stability.

(Top) GL22 Green with Gold Glitter  (Bottom) CL38 Fresh Apple Green and JL07 Teal Jelly dip powders

(Top) GL8 Apple Red (Bottom) CL26 Rosy Red and GL46 True Rose Gold dip powders

(Top) NA32 Decadent Cocoa (Bottom) NA14 Coppery Orange and CL58 Dried Chili dip powders

September Birthstone Dip Nails: Sophisticated Sapphire

Sapphire is the final precious gemstone in this list. It also comes in a wide range of colors from white to black and lots of different shades in between.

For those born in the month of September, the birthstone in both traditional and modern charts is the blue sapphire.

This Kate Middleton-approved gemstone is a symbol for trust, loyalty, and several wedding anniversaries (fifth, forty fifth, and seventy fifth to be exact).

(Top) GL25 Cobalt Blue (Bottom) CL4 Lapis Lazuli and NE22 True Ultramarine Blue dip powders from the Neon Collection

October Birthstone Dip Nails: Tranquil Tourmaline | Outstanding Opal

Opal is the traditional semiprecious birthstone for October. Although superstitious stories regard opal as the gemstone that brings bad luck, non-believers of old wives' tales consider opal as a symbol of hope.

The modern October birthstone is less controversial. It symbolizes creativity, probably because of its awe-inspiring array of colors.

The pink and red rubellite is one of the most popular tourmaline varieties. It's also available in blues, greens, and neutral colors. You can even find tourmalines with the shades of the watermelon (green outer color, pink inner color). When summer comes, you can create watermelon dip nails to match the watermelon tourmaline colors.

Jewelers continue to update the modern birthstone chart, and tourmaline is one of the recent additions.

(Top) GL34 Fuchsia Pink (Bottom) CL3 Warm Watermelon and NE15 Magenta dip powders

(Top) Limited Edition Iridescent Crushed Glitter (Bottom) MK01 Creamy White from the Milky Collection and GL44 Ultra-sparkly White & Silver dip powders

November Birthstone Dip Nails: Charming Citrine | Terrific Topaz

November babies have the happiest birthstone colors: yellow and orange.

First on the birthstone list is the semiprecious gemstone called citrine. If you are to believe ancient folklores, it's said that citrine provides energy and vitality boost.

Next is the semiprecious topaz that also symbolizes success. The golden yellow-orange variety called the imperial topaz is commonly associated with twenty third wedding anniversaries.

(Top) GL36 Gold (Bottom) GL9 Marigold and CL67 Sophisticated Saffron dip powders

(Top) GL26 Goldenrod Yellow (Bottom) NE10 Neon Saffron and CL66 Sunflower Yellow dip powders

December Birthstone Dip Nails: Timeless Tanzanite | Zesty Zircon | Trendy Turquoise

Finally, if you're a December baby, you'll have many options for a blue-themed acrylic manicure. You can opt for a light blue, medium blue, or dark blue dip powder mani.

And what does your birthstone mean? Tanzanite denotes positivity. Zircon symbolizes prosperity. Turquoise is associated with growth.

Just like some of the birthstones in this list, these three semiprecious gemstones are also available in other non-blue shades. But in birthstone charts, it's the blue-colored ones that are prominently featured.

(Top) NE20 Cornflower Blue (Bottom) CL70 Royal Blue and CL49 Midnight Blue dip powders

(Top) GL42 Medium Blue with Glitter (Bottom) CL10 Pearlescent Arctic Blue and PA13 Caribbean Blue dip powders

(Top) CL46 Enchanted Turquoise (Bottom) Arctic Blue and PA18 Light Teal dip powders

How to give your dip nails the royal birthstone treatment

If you want step by step instructions on creating your birthstone dip powder nails, we've got the perfect tutorial for you.

First, pick your preferred birthstone color out of the three dip color options we've shown you.

Then check out the How to Create Matte Nails with Gold Flakes tutorial, featuring CL71 Pine Green. (Psst! This is one of your dip powder colors, March babies!)

If you want a different dip shade, replace the green dip powder color with the color of your choice. You can also encapsulate gold foil if you don't have the limited edition gold flakes dip powder.

For those who prefer an ombre effect for their birthstone dip powder nails, try the Ombre Slanted French Nails tutorial, featuring NA31 Rich Bisque and NA32 Decadent Cocoa dip powders from the Naturale Collection. (This is especially for you, August babies!)

Simply choose a lighter and darker dip powder shade from your birthstone nail swatch chart to achieve this look.

Can't decide and want to use all birthstone colors for your dip powder manicure? The geode nail design is perfect for you. Follow the tutorial on How to Create Geode Nails with Dip Powder, featuring a plethora of acrylic powders.


"What's your birthstone?"

Now you don't have to rock a birthstone ring (or any birthstone jewelry) to answer this question. Just let your birthstone-themed dip nails do the talking.

So go forth and dress up your digits with birthstone-inspired colors.

Don't forget to show them off on DipWell's Dipper Club on Facebook or @dipwellnails on Instagram and use our official hashtag: #DoYouDipWell.